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7 Tips for Selecting a Commercial Paving Contractor

Once you make the decision to hire a commercial paving contractor to pave your parking lot and/or other areas around your business, choosing the right company for the job can make a world of difference. There are a variety of things you might place a high priority on, and only certain companies may deliver on […]

6 minute read

Truck Stop Parking Lots Require Special Planning

Parking lots are similar in that they all share a common characteristic, they are used to park vehicles. They also need to be able to effectively perform for an extended period of time.  Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, however, like giant 18-wheelers and transportation trucks. Due to the sheer size and weight of […]

5 minute read

The Homeowner’s Guide to Low-Maintenance Driveways

As a homeowner, your driveway is probably one of the last places you’d expect to have to do maintenance. Your driveway is supposed to be a solid, durable spot to park your vehicles and forget about them. For many homeowners across America, however, that’s not the reality.  Depending on what your driveway is made of, […]

6 minute read

6 Easy DIY Paving Projects Around the House

If you’re like most homeowners in 2020, you’re probably spending a lot of time at home these days. Whether you’ve been temporarily put out of work due to the global pandemic, or you just happen to have some extra time on your hands as we roll into summer, it’s never a bad idea to review […]

6 minute read

3 Types of Commercial Paving Options

When it comes to commercial paving options for parking lots and other similar usages, two main types probably come to mind, asphalt, and concrete. These impermeable paving materials have long been the standard and continue to be popular, simply because they work. But they do create problems with permitting, flooding and maintenance. In recent years […]

6 minute read

The Fastest, Cheapest Way to Add a Parking Area

Grass parking has long been used by homeowners, small business owners, schools, and more to create temporary parking areas that don’t disrupt the environment or create permanent change to the area. Often, these grass parking lots were made of just that, grass. Unfortunately, the main drawback of parking lots like these is that they are […]

5 minute read

A Quick Guide to Permeable Paver Patios

Patios come in all shapes and sizes, but usually serve one of a handful of purposes. They can be used for cooking, relaxing, entertaining, or all of the above. They often have furniture and other items, and because they are located outside the walls of your home, they tend to be susceptible to flooding.  Many […]

6 minute read

The Many Benefits of Permeable Walkways

Up until this point in history, most walkways and paved surfaces, in general, have been laid with impervious material. Impervious material does not allow stormwater or anything to pass through it because there is not enough space within the makeup of the material itself. Concrete, asphalt, brick, and stone are all examples of material that […]

7 minute read

Dust Is A Health Hazard: Tips for Parking Lot Dust Control

Gravel parking lots and dirt parking lots require the least upfront investment for most businesses. Compacted soil or gravel parking areas can be found in many residential, commercial or industrial sites. Upfront construction costs of these types of parking lots is typically the main selling point, but there are tradeoffs. Wet weather creates mud, ponding […]

6 minute read

Parking Lot Alternatives You’d Never Imagine

Asphalt parking lots have long been the standard for commercial businesses of all types. While they have served us better than dirt parking lots or loose gravel parking lots, they still have many faults of their own. With new advances in parking lot technology, there are many more options for business owners now when it […]

6 minute read