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TRUEGRID Permeable Pavers

The Future of Sustainable Paving.

What if paving could be 100% permeable? Absorb floodwaters instead of adding to runoff. Modular and as easy to build as building blocks.  Attractive with a natural aesthetic.  Strong for heavy use and loads without cracks and stains. Cool. Safe and eco-friendly. Sustainable. And less expensive than concrete. Parking lots that detain stormwater, reduce flooding and filter pollutants from our water supply. TRUEGRID is the sustainable, eco-friendly porous paving alternative to concrete and asphalt.  Re-imagine your paving.

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True Customization

Easy to install, high visibility SuperSpots®

Mark parking spaces, delineate driving lanes, and create custom shapes with high visibility SuperSpots®.

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True Performance


Land and Per
Square Foot Savings


World's Strongest
Permeable Paver


Drive on Surface
Water Storage Below.

Select your fill

Industrial Strength
H20/HS20 rated modular system with robust strength
Stormwater Detention
40% void space in cross section provides maximum detention volume
Pervious Cover
100% Permeable surface detain water underneath
Grass or Gravel Fill
Flexible fill to match your aesthetic
Rock Sub Base
Angular rock provides permeability and added strength
Cost Savings
10% - 25% less than concrete