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Project Spotlight: Cayuga Lake Boat Launch

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Permeable pavers have been making a bigger and bigger impact around the world since they were invented. TRUEGRID has been installing pavers and completing projects of all shapes and sizes since they were established. From fire lanes to driveways, parking lots, and more, They have built a great reputation by completing projects for some of the most famous companies. 

One of their projects, the Cayuga Lake Boat Launch, is an example of how much TRUEGRID pavers have to offer and how they can transform a variety of areas from unstable and rutted to clean, functional, and attractive.

Building a Boat Launch with Truegrid Pavers

The Cayuga Lake boat launch in New York was in desperate need of a solution to it’s muddy, flooded boat launch. When a  boat launch sees as much traffic as Cayuga Lake, they can quickly become washed out, flooded, stained, and generally unfit for use.A solution was also needed to filter the water runoff from the parking lot before it entered the lake. The owners of the Cayuga Lake boat Launch realized they needed a solution to their environmentally-challenged,unsightly boat launch, so they called TRUEGRID.

By excavating the boat launch strip and replacing it with densely graded gravel such as ¾” minus road base as base rock, followed by TRUEGRID permeable pavers and trap rock for fill stone, they were able to build a boat strip free from stains and ruts. Previously, boats would often leak fluid down the strip before entering the water. Now, oil and other pollutants will drain right through the 100% permeable  pavers and  naturally filter through the detention rock beneath and into the soil without leaving any detrimental impact whatsoever. 

The trap rock that fills the pavers on the surface of the strip is nearly identical to the surrounding asphalt, blending in beautifully with it and providing a clean and attractive appearance.

Truegrid is Perfect for Boat Launches

Boat launches can benefit in a variety of ways from using TRUEGRID permeable pavers. They are a permanent solution to fluid spills and erosion. The pavers, base rock, and fill material all stay firmly locked into place, which prevents erosion from having an effect on the strip, and gives pollutants a way to drain down into the soil without leaving unsightly marks behind. 

TRUEGRID pavers are durable enough to handle residential boat traffic coming and going 24/7, without ever breaking down. The 100% recycled plastic they are made from is durable enough to last over 60 years with almost no maintenance required.

Not only that, these pavers are incredibly cost-effective and take less than a day to install. They’re also eco-friendly and will help prevent lakes and boat launch strips from becoming polluted with contaminants. You might think you’d have to sacrifice something style-wise to attain all these benefits, but you’d be wrong. 

TRUEGRID pavers can be filled with almost any type of aggregate you can think of, affording you incredible flexibility when it comes to meshing a project with its surroundings. From limestone to granite, quartz, and more, TRUEGRID pavers look just as beautiful and professional as any other type of construction material you’ll find. 

Beautify Your Boat Launch with Permeable Pavers

We’ve all seen a boat launch that’s been damaged over the years, leaving it worn and unsightly. Many people think this simply comes with the territory for a boat launch, but that’s not so. By building your boat launch with TRUEGRID pavers, you can keep it much cleaner without ever having to do any significant maintenance. The low cost, ease of upkeep, and long-term durability are simply too good to pass up. 

For a more versatile paving solution, reach out to the experts at TRUEGRID today for more information.


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