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Water Detention vs. Retention: 3 Ideas to Mitigate Moisture Issues

Mitigating moisture issues on your property is crucial to preventing flooding and other problems that can arise from not dealing with stormwater properly. Whether you have a commercial property or a residential property, diverting the flow of stormwater away from your building and into designated areas where it can be dealt with effectively should be […]

6 minute read

2 DIY Gravel Driveway Ideas for Easy Water and Snow Mitigation

When it comes to snow and water mitigation in your driveway, gravel is by far one of the best materials to use. Any permeable materials are better than non-permeable ones, but gravel, in particular, is especially great at facilitating maximum drainage. Gravel is also one of the easiest materials to install and depending on how […]

6 minute read

5 Effective Types of Stormwater Drainage Systems

Stormwater drainage is a big deal for many homeowners and business owners everywhere. Stormwater needs to have one or more outlets for drainage when storms occur or else the water will pool, flood, and cause a variety of issues that nobody wants to deal with. Stormwater Drainage Systems Thankfully, there are a wide variety of […]

5 minute read

How to Take Advantage of Houston’s New Green Stormwater Incentive Program

Flooding has become a major problem in many coastal areas of the United States, particularly in the Southern states. Houston is one example of a major city that has seen unimaginable destruction and devastation in their city as a result of flooding. Being situated just barely above sea level, Houston is forced to take the […]

6 minute read

7 Commercial Hardscape Design Ideas

If you own a commercial business, you want your exterior paving to look as nice as possible. Having a beautiful exterior hardscape design for your business sends a message to everyone who visits. It leaves an impression and helps to better represent your company. Plain concrete walkways are boring. If you really want to make […]

6 minute read

7 Ways to Manage Excess Stormwater Runoff

Storms and heavy downpours of rain happen somewhat often in most parts of America. While they aren’t an everyday occurrence, most people in the U.S. are going to experience a big downpour of rain at least a handful of times throughout the year. Rain storms can be great for crops and the environment, and you […]

7 minute read

Is Your Commercial Property Vulnerable to Flooding?

No structure is immune to flooding, but there are ways to reduce the risk and mitigate the damage. For commercial properties, the stakes are even higher: At least one-quarter of businesses that close their doors after a flood never reopen. Because they are generally larger and costlier to build, commercial properties tend to be disproportionately affected by floods. […]

4 minute read

4 Green Ways to Flood-Proof Your Property

Combined with the extreme rain and storm patterns we’ve seen over recent years, urban development is one of the biggest contributors to today’s heightened risks of flood damage. Development will always continue, and growth is inevitable for any healthy economy. However, the impervious concrete and asphalt layouts of the past are the same solutions that contractors most […]

4 minute read

How to Update Your Stormwater Management Tactics

How to Update Your Stormwater Management Tactics The biggest problem posed by new construction is a little ironic. New developments and urban sprawl continue at a record pace, but the problem isn’t that cities are changing — it’s that they are changing in the same old ways. No matter how innovative our new buildings are, […]

5 minute read

A SMALL ACTION for BIG CHANGE   Every little bit helps.  And you are in control. When you put that plastic jug or shampoo bottle into your green recycling container, that’s the first step to reducing plastic waste in the oceans and landfills.  But your impact doesn’t have to end there. The world needs products […]

1 minute read