Recycled Pavers - TRUEGRID's Environmental Impact
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Make A
True Impact.

The ripple effect.

What We Believe.

Small actions equal big changes.
It starts with one voice, one action in a community.
More will join.
Better tools to empower positive change is what we’re about.
Grid on the ground leads to more grid.
And a healthier community.
What We Can Do Together.
If only one person in each US city installed a TRUEGRID driveway, the recycled one gallon jugs could stack end to end to the top of Mount Everest … and then again 3600 more Mount Everests!
TRUE Impact.
TRUE Measurables.
Doing things differently can move mountains.
Mountains of plastic saved from landfills and oceans, recycled and repurposed for eco-friendly TRUEGRID paving products.


Measuring the difference you make.

How We Do It


We turn discarded short life-cycle consumables packaging- water jugs, milk jugs, detergent and shampoo bottles- into products that’ll live 25, 30, 40 years or more.


100 % post-consumer recycled high density polyethylene. 100% recycled paper boxes. As close to zero packaging as possible.

Made In The USA

We manufacture in the USA with American labor and top quality recycled American raw materials.


Water is lifesaving...

Clean water for all is the one of today’s greatest challenges. Bioremediation is nature’s way of cleansing storm water. As rain is welcomed into a gravel-filled or grass-filled permeable TRUEGRID surface, microbes in the soil and rock effectively cleanse pollutants before recharging aquifers. Contrast this with toxins-filled runoff from concrete and asphalt streaming directly into our water supplies. Filter with grid paving.

...and life threatening.
Floods threaten lives and property during extreme weather events.
Adding storm water detention in communities stops floodwater runoff from reaching homes and businesses.
Communities that develop with permeable paving and detention can minimize the tragic effects of flood damage.

LEED Credit Opportunities with


1. Stormwater Management

2. Recycled Content

3. Innovation + Design

4. Materials + Resources

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