A Better Alternative to Rubber Pavers for Horse Barns

A Better Alternative to Rubber Pavers for Horse Barns

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When it comes to building a horse barn, special considerations need to be accounted for if you want the best care for your horses. One of the biggest things to consider is what kind of flooring you’re going to use for your horse barn. Horses have hooves on their feet and without the right kind of flooring to support their immense weight, their hooves can become sore, swollen, and even infected.

Unfortunately, many people still use rubber pavers for horse barns but they are far from ideal. Although they are inexpensive and durable, rubber pavers can be harmful for your horses’ feet and can have a negative impact on their quality of life at the very least. There are, however, much better alternatives to interlocking rubber pavers for horse barns, such as TRUEGRID permeable plastic pavers.

In case you’re interested in building your horse barn with a superior material, as opposed to traditional equine rubber pavers, let’s take a look at the many benefits to be gained from using permeable plastic pavers in your barn flooring.

Rubber Pavers for Horse Barns

Rubber Pavers Are a Bad Choice for Horse Barns

When it comes to the optimal choice of horse barn pavers, TRUEGRID is the best option. One of the biggest downsides of rubber barn pavers is that they are notoriously hard to clean. Horse barns can be dirty places, with dirt, grit, straw, and other debris.

If you want to keep your horse barn clean, you’d like to be able to take a quick broom to the floors and be done with it, but the debris tends to stick to rubber pavers and make it hard to sweep. For proper cleaning you’d need a pressure washer, which can be a costly addition.

Thick rubber barn aisle pavers also need to be set in sand, which makes them a poor choice for barn aisles. The thicker equine pavers are not good for use in a wash stall because the water will run between them and into the sand below, causing it to become caught up between your pavers.

Non-slip surfaces are the main selling point of rubber pavers, but reground rubber has less of a non-slip quality than stranded rubber. It also crumbles easily along the edges when pushed against a hard surface like the side of a stall. Standing urine and standing water will also reduce the longevity of rubber pavers.

Another negative characteristic of using rubber pavers in your horse barn is that while they are often available in up to 4 colors, the color will fade out by about 25% almost immediately. This is due to the certain binding agents which are used in the production of pavers and which aren’t suited for friction and traffic.

Interlocking rubber pavers with supposed permeability tend to float once water seeps below them. You need a combination of thin rubber pavers atop an already paved surface such as concrete in order to prevent floating.

TRUEGRID Permeable Plastic Pavers Are Perfect for Horse Barns

TRUEGRID Permeable Plastic Pavers Are Perfect for Horse Barns

TRUEGRID PRO PLUS pavers are perfect for use in horse barns for a variety of reasons. They keep surfaces mud-free for better health of the horses and livestock. They are more permeable than many interlocking rubber pavers and the liquid that drains through them doesn’t cause them to float. Instead, it drains directly down into the underlying rock or soil and eventually back into the water table, cleansing all the txins beforehand and keeping the animals away from their own waste. They drain instantly at a 100%-permeability rate and there is no need for resetting.

TRUEGRID pavers are also more durable than many types of rubber pavers. Made from 100%- post-consumer recycled plastic, they will never crumble, snap, or break. You can expect over half a century of use out of them before they may need to be replaced. They’re also much easier to clean and maintain, as debris doesn’t stick to them as easily as it does to rubber.

Interlocking Rubber Pavers for Horse Barns

TRUEGRID gravel-filled pavers also have a non-slip quality to them and provide excellent traction for horses and people alike. They do not hold standing urine or water and as such, cannot be compromised by these fluids. Another benefit of TRUEGRID pavers is that the color won’t fade like it does with rubber.

You can also choose from a variety of different colored gravel, whatever is available and least expensive in your area. The eco-friendliness of TRUEGRID pavers is an added benefit, since they are one of the most environmentally-conscious paving materials on the market and they have a very low carbon footprint.

Give Your Horses Better Flooring with TRUEGRID Permeable Plastic Pavers

Give Your Horses Better Flooring with TRUEGRID Permeable Plastic Pavers

The installation process can be DIY completed in one day. Great for barns, paddocks, feed areas and runs, TRUEGRID pavers have unmatched durability, are easy to install and have 100% permeability, TRUEGRID low-maintenance plastic pavers are the perfect choice for horse barns, both large and small. If you want to build the best barn for your horses, order online or get in touch with a pavement specialist at TRUEGRID today for a quote.

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