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Project Spotlight: Cayuga Lake Boat Launch

Permeable pavers have been making a bigger and bigger impact around the world since they were invented. TRUEGRID has been installing pavers and completing projects of all shapes and sizes since they were established. From fire lanes to driveways, parking lots, and more, They have built a great reputation by completing projects for some of the most famous companies. 

One of their projects, the Cayuga Lake Boat Launch, is an example of how much TRUEGRID pavers have to offer and how they can transform a variety of areas from unstable and rutted to clean, functional, and attractive.

Building a Boat Launch with Truegrid Pavers

The Cayuga Lake boat launch in New York was in desperate need of a solution to it’s muddy, flooded boat launch. When a  boat launch sees as much traffic as Cayuga Lake, they can quickly become washed out, flooded, stained, and generally unfit for use.A solution was also needed to filter the water runoff from the parking lot before it entered the lake. The owners of the Cayuga Lake boat Launch realized they needed a solution to their environmentally-challenged,unsightly boat launch, so they called TRUEGRID.

By excavating the boat launch strip and replacing it with densely graded gravel such as ¾” minus road base as base rock, followed by TRUEGRID permeable pavers and trap rock for fill stone, they were able to build a boat strip free from stains and ruts. Previously, boats would often leak fluid down the strip before entering the water. Now, oil and other pollutants will drain right through the 100% permeable  pavers and  naturally filter through the detention rock beneath and into the soil without leaving any detrimental impact whatsoever. 

The trap rock that fills the pavers on the surface of the strip is nearly identical to the surrounding asphalt, blending in beautifully with it and providing a clean and attractive appearance.

Truegrid is Perfect for Boat Launches

Boat launches can benefit in a variety of ways from using TRUEGRID permeable pavers. They are a permanent solution to fluid spills and erosion. The pavers, base rock, and fill material all stay firmly locked into place, which prevents erosion from having an effect on the strip, and gives pollutants a way to drain down into the soil without leaving unsightly marks behind. 

TRUEGRID pavers are durable enough to handle residential boat traffic coming and going 24/7, without ever breaking down. The 100% recycled plastic they are made from is durable enough to last over 60 years with almost no maintenance required.

Not only that, these pavers are incredibly cost-effective and take less than a day to install. They’re also eco-friendly and will help prevent lakes and boat launch strips from becoming polluted with contaminants. You might think you’d have to sacrifice something style-wise to attain all these benefits, but you’d be wrong. 

TRUEGRID pavers can be filled with almost any type of aggregate you can think of, affording you incredible flexibility when it comes to meshing a project with its surroundings. From limestone to granite, quartz, and more, TRUEGRID pavers look just as beautiful and professional as any other type of construction material you’ll find. 

Beautify Your Boat Launch with Permeable Pavers

We’ve all seen a boat launch that’s been damaged over the years, leaving it worn and unsightly. Many people think this simply comes with the territory for a boat launch, but that’s not so. By building your boat launch with TRUEGRID pavers, you can keep it much cleaner without ever having to do any significant maintenance. The low cost, ease of upkeep, and long-term durability are simply too good to pass up. 

For a more versatile paving solution, reach out to the experts at TRUEGRID today for more information.


If you’re designing a parking lot for your restaurant, there are a variety of factors you need to consider. Restaurant parking lots have different requirements and layouts, depending on how your restaurant is run. Your parking lot is one of the first things people see when they pull up, so it’s important that yours is not only functionally sound, but clean and attractive as well. 

To make the perfect first impression on your patrons and present a professional, enticing appearance to the outside world, let’s take a look at some of the things you need to consider before building your restaurant parking lot: 

1. Installation

Installation is the first step of building a parking lot, and it can vary wildly, depending on what kind of material you build your lot with. Asphalt and concrete, for instance, require the use of heavy equipment and machinery. 

The process can be somewhat noisy, and generally takes more than a few days to complete. Other materials such as permeable pavement take far less time, with installation often able to be completed in less than a day.

2. Maintenance

Maintenance is something to factor into your cost projection long-term. Asphalt and concrete require regular maintenance to stay looking fresh and new. Depending on how particular you are about your lot’s appearance, maintenance can cost you quite a bit over the years. 

You should expect to pay upwards of $10,000 to maintain a concrete over asphalt lot throughout its lifetime, though it may cost much more. A permeable paver lot from TRUEGRID would cost you next to nothing over the same period of time.

3. Flooding

Flooding prevention and rainwater management is something every parking lot has to deal with. For impermeable materials like concrete and asphalt, you need additional drainage systems and design features to plan for rainwater management. 

This often means sloping your lot at a certain degree, and/or installing costly plumbing to divert rainwater into the gutter or a detention pond. TRUEGRID permeable pavement comes with built-in drainage, allowing water to drain directly through it and into the ground below, as nature intended. 

4. Overflow Parking

Depending on the traffic you get and the size of your main lot, you may want to install an overflow lot for times when your main lot gets full. Overflow lots are often built with cheaper materials like unstabilized gravel, plain dirt or grass that ruts. 

While they don’t see as much traffic as the main parking lot, you can make yours look just as professional as your main lot by stabilizing it with TRUEGRID permeable pavers. The low cost and incredible durability of these pavers make them the perfect choice for overflow parking, as well as regular parking. 

5. Parking Spot Requirements

Another thing you need to determine before building a lot is how many spots you’ll need. Once you have an accurate assessment of how many restaurant row parking spots to include, you can then go about designing the layout and other features of your parking lot. You can’t effectively stripe a gravel or grass lot- until now. With either grass or gravel filled TRUEGRID, you can stripe with snap in SuperSpot® parking markers to efficiently pack as many cars into your lot as possible.

6. Valet Parking

If you have an upscale restaurant, you may want to include valet parking. This will involve putting together a restaurant parking design with a special area for valet customers to pull-up to, as well as a separate area to park their vehicles. You may need a permit for valet parking in urban areas if your location is cramped for space. 

7. Local Codes and Ordinances

On the subject of permits, you will need to obtain the proper permits if you want to build an asphalt or concrete lot. In cityscapes and urban areas, these can be harder to obtain.

One way of circumventing this is by stabilizing an already existing gravel lot with TRUEGRID pavers, though you will likely need a permit if any excavation is taking place. TRUEGRID ROOT pavers are one way to turn a grass area into a parking lot without any permits or permission required. 

8. Parking Exemptions

If your business is located within a city, as many are, you may be able to take advantage of an exemption rule for your parking lot. This means there will be fewer restrictions on your lot and it will be easier to obtain the required permits. Some cities put this exemption rule in place to help draw in business owners and make it more attractive to build there. 

A TRUEGRID Lot is Perfect for Your Restaurant

As you can see, there are lots of considerations to entertain when it comes to building your restaurant parking lot. Restaurant row parking requires a combination of durability, aesthetic beauty, and proper planning if you want to perfect it. Asphalt and concrete may serve you well, but only TRUEGRID permeable pavers can provide you with everything you need in a parking lot, while still being durable and affordable. 

By implementing a restaurant parking design with TRUEGRID permeable pavers, you can speed up installation time, make it easier to get the necessary permits, and provide your business with a beautiful and professional-looking lot that complements your restaurant beautifully. 

For a better restaurant parking solution, reach out to us at TRUEGRID today for more information and a custom quote.

If your commercial business is getting a lot of traffic, that’s often a good sign. Tons of traffic can mean you’re getting a lot of customers, but what happens when you get too more cars than parking spots? 

Small businesses, in particular, are no stranger to overflowed parking lots. They’re often built on small plots of land to save costs, and end up becoming so popular and successful that they get more customers at one time than their parking lots can handle. This leads to overflow parking. 

Overflow parking is when someone is forced to park somewhere else because the main parking lot is full. This often takes the form of vehicles lined up down residential streets, or in other unrelated parking lots, often those belonging to different businesses. Customers will avoid businesses that don’t have sufficient parking.

This situation is obviously not ideal, because not only will other adjacent businesses get mad at you for not having enough parking space to handle all OF your customers, the local police may fine you as well. If your customers aren’t wanted in a nearby lot or are filling up residential streets, you and/or your customers are likely to incur a parking ticket. 

This is bad for your business because once people realize it’s not safe to park near your location without getting a ticket or that they have to park 2 blocks away, they’re likely to just leave. That’s a missed opportunity for you to capitalize on the marketing you’ve done and is one of the biggest sins you can commit as a business owner, letting interested parties become disinterested parties before they even step in the door.

That’s why most business owners with traffic spikes have an overflow lot of some sort. But, without the right type of material or construction, these lots can quickly become ugly, rutted, and ruined. In case you want to know how to implement durable overflow parking for an affordable price, let’s take a look at how you can and what the additional benefits are to choosing certain products over others. 

TRUEGRID Pavers are the Perfect Solution to Address Overflow

Overflow parking is a must-have for any business that expects an overflow of customers from time to time. That being said, you don’t need to waste time and money building a bigger lot with asphalt or concrete. You can create a perfectly stabilized gravel, grass, or dirt lot for a much lower price than it would cost to build overflow parking with asphalt or concrete.

TRUEGRID permeable pavers allow you to use nearby grass, dirt, or gravel as a flawless way to accommodate your overflowing customers. Unstabilized gravel can be locked into place with the TRUEGRID PRO PLUS system and kept looking clean and professional. The TRUEGRID ROOT paving system can also prevent grass from getting torn up while providing uncompromised support for all vehicles. Overflow parking construction with TRUEGRID pavers is safe, simple, and fast. 

There are no complicated pieces of equipment involved and in the case of TRUEGRID ROOT grass pavers, the process is as simple as thoroughly wetting the grass,  snapping them together over the grass and pressing the paver system into the grass with a heavy roller or truck. Grass will grow up and through the grid which is now strong enough to handle cars without ruts or mud.

With gravel, scrape back your unstabilized gravel, snap the pavers together, spread the gravel into them and level with a heavy roller.

A freshly-installed TRUEGRID paver parking lot looks great and is the perfect way to save money on your overflow parking. Because the pavers are permeable, they provide built-in drainage, allowing you to use more land for parking spaces and eliminating the need for costly drainage systems. 

An overflow parking design with TRUEGRID pavers is one of the most eco-friendly ways to address overflow parking as well, because every paver is made from 100% recycled plastic. TRUEGRID pavers are also unbelievably durable. They’re able to withstand the weight of a falling monster truck without breaking, and can last for over 60 years with almost no maintenance required. 

Optimize Your Overflow Parking Lot with Permeable Pavers

Many businesses, small and large, require overflow parking due to occasional spikes in traffic that fill up all of the parking spaces in their main lot. But, while many resort to makeshift lots made from unstabilized gravel or bare grassland, there is another solution. 

Instead of feeling like you need to spend money on a parking lot built from asphalt or concrete, you can implement your overflow lot in a cost-effective way that looks great and will last for ages. TRUEGRID permeable pavers make overflow parking design effortless and affordable, allowing you to maintain a professional and well-maintained appearance, even in your overflow lots. 

Don’t let your overflow parking areas go unstabilized for a moment longer. Ruts, bare spots, dust, and other problems are guaranteed to arise in your overflow parking area eventually, so why not address the problem now? 

With TRUEGRID permeable plastic pavers, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve chosen a cost-effective, durable, low-maintenance, stylish, and eco-friendly paving material that provides its own built-in drainage system while also improving the overall appearance of your business. 

Get in touch with a TRUEGRID paving expert today for more information on overflow lot paving and a custom quote.

If you work for one of the many industrial or commercial sites across the nation that uses a dirt or gravel parking lot, you probably know firsthand how detrimental dust can be. These types of lots tend to see big, heavy vehicles coming through on a frequent basis, as well as frequent traffic from smaller cars and trucks. All this weight and traffic does quite a number on a dirt or gravel lot. 

Because of the nature of dirt and gravel, traffic from heavy vehicles will pulverize the rock over time, creating a buildup of dust and fines that gets kicked up into the air whenever someone drives over it. While unstabilized gravel lots work for businesses that see only small amounts of residential traffic, commercial and industrial places of business need something that is more heavy-duty for their dust abatement strategy. 

How can you implement a stronger, more durable lot without breaking the bank on a brand-new concrete or asphalt lot? The answer is with TRUEGRID permeable pavers. These pavers are taking commercial, industrial, and even residential areas by storm, and for good reason.

In case you’ve never heard of TRUEGRID pavers and you need a dust abatement solution for your gravel or dirt parking lot, let’s go over what makes these pavers so great and why you might want to make the switch immediately. 

The Dangers of Dust

Dust isn’t just an annoyance in a commercial or industrial parking lot, it can be a health hazard as well. Dust makes it hard to see, which can lead to accidents and injuries when trying to navigate huge vehicles. 

Excessive dust in the air also makes it hard to breathe, is a choking hazard and can cause serious health issues particularly to those with respiratory ailments. Many counties will regulate dust and fines can be levied if the air quality does not meet local standards.Having to wear goggles and/or a respirator tto combat airborne dust is not a good solution for any company or operation. Dust abatement is absolutely essential.

Stabilizing Your Dirt or Gravel Lot with TRUEGRID Pavers

While gravel is easily pulverized and turned into dust when not stabilized, it does provide a low-cost, effective parking solution. That’s why stabilizing your gravel with cost-effective, permeable plastic pavers like the TRUEGRID PRO PLUS system is the best dust abatement method. 

The patented TRUEGRID pavers possess unparalleled strength and can even handle 18 wheelers all day every day. One demonstration of strength was a staged event with monster trucks repeatedly launched and landing on them with no problems at all. The patented system is made from highly durable, 100% recycled plastic. 

The process of turning an unstabilized gravel or dirt lot into a stabilized lot is incredibly simple and quick. SImply level and compact the gravel surface and the pavers can be snapped together over the entire area, just like Lego pieces. The grid is then filled with gravel to the top of the grid surface, not overfilled, and rolled with a heavy roller to lock the gravel in place. The grid cells protect the gravel from getting pulverized therby immediately eliminating airborne dust.

Once this is done, the process is finished and you’ll have a newly stabilized lot that will never spread out, need refilling or kick up dust. The cells prevent the gravel or dirt from moving, providing a solid, incredibly durable, and low to no maintenance surface for people to drive on. 

Another important feature to consider is the eco-friendliness and permeability of TRUEGRID plastic pavers. Made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic, they are one of the most eco-friendly pavement materials on the planet. 

When filled with a clean washed aggregate, they also provide built-in drainage and can handle even the heaviest of rain showers without flooding. This will allow you to turn any existing detention ponds or drainage systems into additional parking spaces. 

Eliminate Dust in your Parking Lot with the World’s Most Trusted Permeable Pavers

Since TRUEGRID introduced its line of permeable pavers, businesses of all types have been stabilizing their gravel lots with them. The benefit-to-cost ratio is incredible, since they are much cheaper than asphalt or concrete and can last over 5 decades with almost no maintenance. Not only that, but they make any unstabilized lot look much cleaner and more professional once they’re installed. 

Quick-to-install, off-the-charts durability, low cost, low maintenance requirements, eco-friendly, and the number one permanent solution for eliminating dust in your parking lot. The pros of installing TRUEGRID permeable pavers in your commercial or industrial lot are almost too many to name. 

Dust can be more than a nuisance in an industrial parking lot, it can be a downright hazard to your health and the health of everyone around. Instead of spraying your lot down with water 2-3 times per day or installing an expensive concrete or asphalt lot, TRUEGRID’s permeable pavers should be your go-to for addressing dust abatement in your parking lot. 

Not only will they reduce dust problems in your parking lot and make your workplace safer, these pavers come jam-packed with additional benefits that will save you money, help the environment, and give your place of business a much more professional look. 

Get in touch with a paving expert at TRUEGRID today for a custom quote on your project.