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13 Community Center Design Ideas

Are you looking to design or renovate a community center and need innovative, cost-effective ideas for the parking and exterior design?  In this article, we’re going to discuss various design elements that can enhance the aesthetics of your space while simultaneously prioritizing environmental sustainability, accessibility, function, and more! Let’s get started! Community Center Designs to […]

6 minute read

Choosing Concrete PSI for a Driveway

Are you trying to figure out the concrete PSI required for your driveway? Understanding these ratings is super important, as they directly impact the longevity and performance of your driveway.  Let’s explore why concrete PSI is such an important factor so you can discover the correct requirement for your driveway.  Why is PSI Important? PSI, […]

7 minute read

The Permeable Paving Installation Guide: 8 Steps to a Successful Installation

In the world of eco-friendly infrastructure, the installation of permeable paving has emerged as a hero in modern construction. It helps reduce water runoff and promotes environmental sustainability. Installing permeable pavers is a meticulous process that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to sustainable land usage and water management. What does it […]

7 minute read

The Definitive Guide to Limestone Paving and a Superior Alternative

From the pyramids of Egypt to the White House and the Empire State Building, limestone has been used by architects and builders for some of the world’s most distinguished structures. While you may not want your home to be a tourist attraction, you may be interested in the elevated aesthetic that natural limestone paving can […]

7 minute read

The Ultimate Guide to Residential Asphalt Paving and a Fantastic Alternative

Residential asphalt paving has long been the standard for driveways in neighborhoods across the country. Does the fact that we have used something for a long time mean it is the best option though? What are the benefits of using asphalt on your family’s driveway? What factors should you consider before installing asphalt paving? Are […]

7 minute read

Landscape Fabric Alternatives: How to Find the Perfect Material for Your Yard

For as long as humans have been gardening, we have been plagued by pesky and problematic weeds. One of the best ways to reduce these persistent pests is to use landscape fabric or one of the many alternatives to landscape fabric. If traditional landscape fabric isn’t quite meeting your needs, or you would prefer to […]

5 minute read

Stamped Asphalt Driveways: What Should You Know and Attractive Alternatives

Various driveway options are available for today’s discerning property owners, including stamped asphalt driveways. How much do stamped asphalt driveways cost? What kind of maintenance requirements do they have? How does climate affect them, and how durable are they? In order to make an informed decision for your home or property, it is essential to […]

6 minute read

Concrete Puddling: Understanding the Issue and Finding the Right Solutions

There are few worse ways to start your day than pulling into work in the morning and opening the car door only to find yourself surrounded by water from last night’s rain storm. You try to jump from your car to the lone visible dry spot, but you don’t make it, not even close. You […]

6 minute read

Getting it Right: The Importance of Standard Truck Parking Space Sizes

Semi-trailer trucks are the blue whales or elephants of the open road, the respective largest animal in its ecosystem. Unlike standard passenger vehicles, the sheer size of a semi-truck means that specific accommodations have to be made. In the same way that we created drawbridges to accommodate the passing of large ships and oil tankers, […]

6 minute read

The Best Solutions for Road Dust Control in Texas

Road dust control can be a significant problem for drivers and residents across the Lone Star State. Dust can cause poor air quality, visibility issues, and even property damage along highways and rural roads. Fortunately, from using water trucks to applying chemical dust suppressants, there are various solutions available for controlling road dust. In this […]

6 minute read