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Maintenance-Free Parking Delineators

Delineate your parking spots with easy-to-pop-in SuperSpot parking markers. No-restriping. Long-term UV resistance. Multiple color options for standard parking, fire lanes, handicapped designated spaces. Highly visible.

Durable and Visible

TRUEGRID Pavers are known for their durability as are our SuperSpot parking delineators. Easy to install, just pop them into the grid system and choose where to delineate parking spaces or traffic flow.


Traditional striping requires regular maintenance and restriping. Fading reduces visibility. Not so with the SuperSpot which is domed for visibility and color stabilized for long term weather resistance.

Easy Installation

SuperSpot parking markers lock into TRUEGRID Pro Plus grids to provide maintenance-free parking delineation. No more striping and restriping


Technical Specifications

The SuperSpot solves issues common with typical striping methods that tend to fade over time. Long-lasting and durable, SuperSpot parking delineators are maintenance-free and are easy to install. Just pop one in into the TRUEGRID PRO PLUS grid and create custom shapes and delineation.

SuperSpot® - Product Specs, Cut Sheets and CSI

PRO PLUS SuperSpot Detail- 45 Degree (A)
PRO PLUS SuperSpot Detail- 90 Degree (A)
PRO PLUS SuperSpot Detail- 45 Degree (B)
PRO PLUS SuperSpot Detail- 90 Degree (B)

Working with a Budget?

This car dealership needed a solution. Build a parking lot but stay in budget. The cost to build a concrete parking lot proved to be expensive, especially with the required detention pond needed to pass city regulations due to impervious cover. Find out how this dealership found a solution.

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