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Permeable Pavers made in the USA

TRUEGRID products are manufactured right here in the great ol’ USA.  Our factories run 24 hours a day with American workers. Product is fulfilled from our warehouse with American labor. Our customer service people and tech support pick up the phone and you may detect a slight Texas drawl and polite southern hospitality. Our people […]

2 minute read

5 Ways Permeable Pavers Can Improve Your Commercial Paving Project

Posted on March 21 , 2016 by TRUEGRID Commercial paving systems must stand up to large volumes of heavy traffic, constant assaults from the sun and inclement weather, and pollutants such as oil, fuel and other automotive fluids. Both concrete and asphalt, the conventional materials used for commercial paving, tolerate theses forces relatively well, but […]

7 minute read

Grass Paving: A Truly Green Alternative to Traditional Outdoor Construction

[Posted on September 5 2014 by: Barry Stiles] Exemplifying the very essence of eco-friendliness, grass paving is growing in popularity as an ideally ‘green’ option for alternative parking construction. It may sound like little more than a double entendre, but using grass as a surface material over permeable pavement structures gives outdoor spaces a uniquely natural look […]

3 minute read

B’s knees and TRUEGRID

[Posted on August 15 2014 by: Barry Stiles] Any runners out there prefer to run on concrete? Pound the pavement? Well guess what- the pavement pounds back! Just ask the knees, hips or back of any runner or jogger. My joints may not be talking to you, but after a long run they scream at […]

3 minute read

Our true path

[Posted July 23 2014 by: Barry Stiles] This is our inaugural blog so it’s important for me to start our dialogue with the true purpose of our journey, what drives our people and our company. There will countless blogs about permeable paving, stormwater management,  the how to’s , the specs, the in and outs of our […]

3 minute read

Find Parking Solutions That Suit Your Site

Parking solutions are important because you need to make sure you actually provide people with a place to park. Whether you have a temporary event or a permanent site, people need a place to park without it being disruptive to the environment. There are more options available than parking directly on the grass because you […]

2 minute read

Parking On Grass Solutions That Look More Professional

It is hard to look professional when you have everyone parking on the grass. Whether you are holding a temporary event or you have a large facility where people are coming to visit you and you don’t have a paved parking lot, there are going to be instances where people have no choice but to […]

3 minute read

TRUEGRID Is Paving The Way Of Parking Lot Design With Environmentally-Friendly Solutions

One single parking lot design doesn’t work with every commercial organization or establishment. Parking lots may experience drainage problems, soil erosion, sinking pavement, and other problems. When ordinary concrete pavement isn’t working, commercial organizations must look for other viable solutions to their parking lot issues. A more proactive method in controlling the water and offering a stable […]

3 minute read

Permeable Pavement Helps To Replenish Local Water Sources

When you hear of flooding or local drought conditions in your neighborhood, you can help with the water concerns by installing permeable pavement. This pavement option is becoming more ideal across the country instead of using concrete or asphalt paving for driveways, walkways and commercial parking lots. By expanding your knowledge about what permeable paving […]

3 minute read

Ground Reinforcement Provides A Stable Surface For Vehicles

The moment when a person sees a rut or dip in their driveway, lawn or parking lot, they immediately go for a temporary solution of replacing the soil or gravel instead of investing in ground reinforcement. Perhaps the person believes the temporary solution is more cost effective, or they believe there is nothing that they […]

3 minute read