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Parking Requirements for Schools

Have you ever wondered why parking lot discussions become a hot topic at school board meetings? It’s more than just heated discussions about time, money, and asphalt.  Let’s dive into the parking requirements for schools to see how to make an efficient, accessible, and safe school parking lot. How Much Parking Do Schools Really Need? […]

8 minute read

How Many Parking Spaces Are Required for a Commercial Building?

Have you ever stopped to wonder how many parking spaces are required for a commercial building? Are you perhaps considering installing a parking lot outside of your commercial building, but aren’t sure how many spaces you need? These are simple questions, but the answers are a bit complicated. A proper parking solution is vital for […]

7 minute read

Hidden Costs with Concrete Parking Lots and a Better Alternative

Are you considering installing a concrete parking lot but aren’t sure how much it costs? Unfortunately, figuring out how much a parking lot costs is not as straightforward as you might think because there are a lot of hidden fees that you might not know about. We created this guide to help you with both […]

6 minute read

How to Start a Truck Parking Lot Business

In today’s logistics-centered world, the trucking industry is indispensable. With an increase in freight transportation, there’s a growing need for secure and spacious truck parking facilities. Starting a truck parking business can not only meet this demand, but also be a profitable entrepreneurial opportunity. This article will guide you through the process of setting up […]

7 minute read

7 Tips for Selecting the Ideal Parking Lot Contractor

When it comes to developing a new parking lot, finding the right contractor is the key factor to ensure quality, efficiency, and adherence to your project’s specific needs. This article covers seven essential tips to help you select the most suitable parking lot contractor for your project. We will also introduce TRUEGRID®, an innovative solution […]

10 minute read

How to Easily Calculate Parking Ratios

In the world of property management and development, understanding parking ratios and how to calculate them is fundamental. Whether it’s for a commercial building or a residential area, parking ratios can significantly influence both design and capacity. This guide will delve into how to calculate parking ratios, discuss parking lot design and maintenance, and introduce […]

8 minute read

Guidelines for School Bus Storage Lot Design

School bus storage lots are an important but underrated aspect of a school system. Usually, the buses within an individual school system will all park at and be maintained by the same storage/maintenance lot. One maintenance and storage facility will typically care for buses that service the entire school-aged population, K through 12. The responsibilities […]

6 minute read

How is Parking Area Calculated?

If you own a commercial business, parking is a huge part of your ability to operate effectively. Most people commute to work in a vehicle, so your parking lots need to be able to accommodate not just your entire workforce, but visitors and customers as well.  Building a parking lot may not seem like something […]

6 minute read

A Breakdown of Parking Lot Maintenance Costs

If you’re a business owner or in charge of developing the budget for a piece of property with a parking lot, you know that parking lot maintenance is often a sizable chunk of the expense.  Most parking lots are made from materials like asphalt and concrete, so they are constantly in a state of erosion […]

5 minute read

The Best Paving Solution for Overnight Truck Parking

With more trucks on the road than ever before, the need for overnight truck parking is at an all-time high. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are now shipping products across the country and the primary way those products get from point A to point B is via truck drivers. However, there are time and […]

6 minute read