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Understanding Grass Protection Mesh for Car Parking and a Better Alternative

Does your heart sink a little every time you see tire tracks on your carefully maintained lawn? Overflow parking can cause severe damage to your grass, but thankfully, you’re not without options. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about grass protection mesh for car parking, including why it’s necessary as […]

6 minute read

3 Common Problems with Driveway Fabric and a Better Solution

Driveway fabric has become a popular solution for protecting gravel driveways from issues such as sinking, shifting, and weed growth. However, driveway fabric isn’t flawless and it has its own set of problems. Understanding the concerns is the key to making an informed decision about your driveway’s durability and aesthetics. Understanding Driveway Fabric: A Brief […]

8 minute read

11 Landscape Drainage Solutions for 2024

Landscape drainage is an integral part of creating an effective and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. Without an efficient drainage system, water can pool and cause damage to your landscape and even the structural integrity of your home. Therefore, landscape drainage is not merely an option, but a necessity. In this article, we’ll explore a variety […]

7 minute read

Choosing Between Brick and Concrete Pavers vs a Better Alternative

When it comes to hardscaping your outdoor space, the decision between brick and concrete pavers can seem overwhelming. Both materials have their unique advantages and can significantly impact the aesthetic and functionality of your space. However, another option might be a more suitable solution: TRUEGRID permeable pavers. This article delves into the pros and cons […]

6 minute read

Grass Patios Made Easy with Permeable Grass Pavers

Have you ever wished that you could have the functionality of a stone or concrete patio and incorporate the seamless, natural beauty of grass? If so, a grass patio is precisely what you’ve been searching for. What exactly is a grass patio, and what are the benefits of having one? What are the different ways […]

6 minute read

Understanding Grass Parking Mats

Parking on grass may be preferable for many reasons. You might not have the time or resources to have pavement installed, you want to choose the most eco-friendly parking option, or you may just prefer the aesthetic. Whatever the reason you have for using grass as a long-term parking solution, you need a way to […]

6 minute read

What is the Best Approach for Adding Gravel on Top of Grass?

There are many reasons why you might want to lay gravel on top of grass. Maybe you want to build a driveway out of gravel or you want to add a gravel extension to your already existing driveway.  You might be building a gravel walkway directly on top of grass, a patio, or some other […]

6 minute read

5 Reasons to Build a Grass Fire Lane

Fire lanes are essential for a wide variety of buildings, including most businesses. They are typically mandated by the state and required in certain areas, often out front or along the side of buildings, parks, and other areas. The lanes are only to be used by fire vehicles and they provide a place for them […]

5 minute read

Grass Pavement: 4 Benefits of Paving with Grass

Pavement serves a critical role in our society. It provides a sturdy, long-lasting place for us to park or drive our vehicles and other methods of transportation. But, while the popular pavement choices have served us well over the years, they are not without their own faults and have had some immense negative effects on […]

6 minute read

The Growing Trend of Parking On Grass Made Simple with TRUEGRID Grass Pavers

Grass parking lots aren’t all that common, but if structured properly, they can serve you just as well as other types of parking lots like asphalt and concrete. In fact, there are thousands of smaller buildings and commercial properties that would benefit greatly from the implementation of parking on grass. Of course, grass without any […]

14 minute read