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ECO is now known as PRO LITE, same great product. New Name.

Designed for moderate vehicular load and traffic as well as pedestrian and bike applications, TRUEGRID® PRO LITE is the toughest and most economical light load permeable paver available. TRUEGRID® PRO LITE has super compression strength and flexibility, so you don’t just get a natural, environmentally friendly product, you get a robust paver tough enough for cars and trucks that hugs the earth. Great for gravel or grass overflow parking lots, driveways, fire lanes, and many other paving applications.

  • Best-in-class Compression Strength
  • 100% Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE
  • Low traffic applications
  • Detention under surface
  • Bike and Run Friendly
  • Superior Patented Design
  • H20, HS20 + Rated
  • Lightweight for easy DIY installation
  • Interlocking connectors
  • Grass or Gravel Fill
  • Works in All Climates & Soils
  • May be Saw Cut for Curves & Trees
  • Soil Stabilizer
  • Installs quickly
  • Highly resistant to oils, gasoline, acids, salt, ammonia, and alcohol
  • Circular elements provide multi-directional crush and shear strength
  • Flexible links allow expansion and contraction depending on environmental conditions
  • Built in X-Anchors allows weight of filler to hold grid down without any extra staking
  • Driveways
  • Parking Lots
  • Event Parking
  • Cart Paths
  • Walk/Run/Bike Trails
  • Grass Parking
  • Pedestrian Areas
  • Community Green-Space
  • Erosion Control
  • Dog runs
  • Hot tub pads
  • Pool skirts
  • Patios

Pervious Cover

Get 100% pervious cover credit by using TRUEGRID® PRO LITE instead of asphalt or concrete. By preventing gravel from compacting, PRO LITE remains permeable to rainwater, which also may be detained in the subbase. Eliminate runoff and reduce flood risk.

Ground Stabilization

No more mud, ruts or erosion when TRUEGRID® is used to stabilize your grass or gravel application.


Perfect for any home application, TRUEGRID® can be built into driveways, walkways, shed flooring, patios, pool skirts, grass pavement and more. Easy to install and able to be used in DIY projects. TRUEGRID® PRO LITE can handle light traffic.


Strong enough to drive on before fill to spread dump and gravel, TRUEGRID® PRO LITE goes in fast. In large projects, PRO LITE arrives pre-assembled in 4’ x 4’ sheets of 4 grids each. These 16 square-foot sections weigh only 11 lbs. and are easily handled by one man. The grids are locked together with the weight of your foot and can be reconfigured as needed. The grid can also be cut with a handheld circular saw to go around trees or shrubs, etc.


Sod or seed TRUEGRID® PRO LITE to yield a stabilized, grass-paved surface for fire lanes, overflow parking, event centers, or common areas.

Preserve Nature

TRUEGRID® PRO LITE is trusted by U.S. National Parks for preservation of the environment. We are proud to work with the numerous of parks around the U.S.


Stronger and better performing than rolled plastic pavers, the TRUEGRID® PRO LITE design has co-joined cells with a robust wall thickness that surpasses the alternatives. The combination of rigidity from the cell design and the flexibility of the integral flex joints gives an unmatched performance that works with the moving earth not against it.

Erosion Control

Use on slopes as well as flat ground to resolve erosion issues. The system is designed to remove the headache of repeated gravel refills or washed out eroded areas.

Create a More Natural Aesthetic

TRUEGRID permeable pavers can be used with either gravel or grass. Ask your client what find most important. Driveway that is permeable or impermeable? Pavement that protects and allows vegetation to thrive?

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Technical Specifications

The Residential (and light Commercial) Paver. The patented PRO LITE is the toughest and most economical light-to-moderate load permeable paver made. Specify PRO LITE for H20 rated grass pavement, pathways or driveways that aid stormwater management, flood, mud and erosion control.

PRO LITE - Cross Sections: Grass

PRO LITE: Typical Installation Cross Section: Heavy Load (Grass)
PRO LITE: Typical Installation Cross Section: Medium Load (Grass)
PRO LITE: Typical Installation Cross Section: Light Load (Grass)
PRO LITE: Grass Fill Firelane

PRO LITE - Cross Sections: Gravel

PRO LITE: Typical Installation Cross Section: Heavy Load (Gravel)
PRO LITE: Typical Installation Cross Section: Medium Load (Gravel)
PRO LITE: Typical Installation Cross Section: Light Load (Gravel)
PRO LITE: Gravel Fill Firelane

PRO LITE - General Specs


PRO LITE - Product Specs, Cut Sheets and CSI

TRUEGRID PRO LITE Technical Specification – CSI
PRO LITE: Cut Sheet
PRO LITE: Product Specifications
PRO LITE: SuperSpot Cut Sheet

TRUE Customization

Blue TRUEGRID SuperSpot Red TRUEGRID SuperSpot

Easy to install, high visibility SuperSpot®.

Mark parking spaces, delineate driving lanes, and create custom shapes with the high visibility SuperSpot®.

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Honey Bee Ranch Event Center was in dire need of parking with their growing popularity. Not knowing there was a better solution, their first thought was concrete and asphalt. They were not happy, however, about ruining the natural beauty of their ranch with a drab impervious surface. How could Honey Bee Ranch maintain their countryside aesthetic and build a new parking lot that will still be durable and cost effective?

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