November 2018 - TRUEGRID Pavers
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A SMALL ACTION for BIG CHANGE   Every little bit helps.  And you are in control. When you put that plastic jug or shampoo bottle into your green recycling container, that’s the first step to reducing plastic waste in the oceans and landfills.  But your impact doesn’t have to end there. The world needs products that utilize recycled materials from this waste stream. And the world needs folks to make green choices. That’s where TRUEGRID and you come in.  See one homeowner’s backyard project that saved money, solved a drainage problem and 450 sf foot area kept plastic from over 2000 one gallon jugs from polluting our planet. With 74 million households in the US, our small actions can lead to big change. Calculate the eco-impact of your project at: TRUEGRID Product Line-up (large)