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Three Simple Ways to Use Gravel Stabilizer

[Posted on April 8, 2015 by: Barry Stiles]

Choosing TRUEGRID’s patented permeable paver system as a gravel stabilizer for outdoor construction projects not only eliminates the potential hassles and hazards of using gravel as a paving solution but also saves time and money by eliminating the need for costly and lengthy future maintenance work. If you haven’t already considered gravel or other similar materials (like crushed limestone) as a base for your next outdoor construction project, there are numerous beneficial reasons to do so-from personal convenience to the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done your part in being good to the earth.

Here are three simple project uses for gravel stabilizer systems, as an alternative to traditional paving options like concrete or asphalt:

Driveways and Parking Lots

TRUEGRID is the only plastic ground reinforcement system made with the strength and durability for both industrial and commercial applications, as well as residential. Whether you’re looking to repave your home’s driveway or construct a large-scale overflow parking lot for a business, TRUEGRID’s patented paving systems make an ideal base for providing stability and compressive strength for any type of gravel or crushed rock. TRUEGRID eliminates gravel migration and is virtually maintenance free.

Outdoor Patios

Whether in your own backyard or adjacent to a business, gravel stabilizer is a perfect patio alternative to cumbersome and impervious concrete-allowing stormwater to filter naturally through the ground and drastically reducing unsightly run-off that can lead to nearby flooding, pooling, and puddles. Commercial applications include outdoor dining or seating spaces for restaurants, bars and more.

Landscaping Walkways and Recreational Areas

Gravel makes an attractive and eco-friendly substitute to traditional or pervious concrete for landscaping walkways and recreational areas-such as playgrounds, parks and bike or running tracks. And using TRUEGRID ground reinforcement systems to stabilize and contain surface gravel or crushed stone helps to make time spent outdoors all the more enjoyable by greatly reducing the amount of dust that is typically generated by loose gravel and stone.