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The paving industry’s leading commercial permeable paver, TRUEGRID® PRO PLUS® is the engineer’s go-to commercial paver for 100% pervious cover, detention and stormwater management. Proven and trusted in millions of square feet of heavy-use commercial parking lots. Easy-to-install, virtually maintenance-free. Compatible with all TRUEGRID® accessories including SuperSpot parking markers.

  • 100% Permeable
  • Industry best strength
  • 100% Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE
  • Works with SuperSpot® Parking Markers
  • Engineered for heavy use
  • Detention under surface
  • May be Saw Cut for Curves & Trees
  • Deep Cells Eliminate Gravel Migration
  • Superior Patented Design
  • Flex joints prevent cracking with movement of soils and seasons
  • X anchors leverage gravel to anchor grid across site
  • H20, HS20 + Rated
  • Detention under surface
  • No Staking or Clips
  • Works in All Climates & Soils
  • May be Saw Cut for Curves & Trees
  • 20 + Year, Virtually Maintenance Free Life
  • Remains Highly Permeable for Life of Project
  • No more ruts, puddles, or flooding
  • Parking Lots
  • Equipment Yards
  • Truck Yards
  • Storage Lots
  • Auto Lots
  • Drive Lanes
  • Roadways
  • Construction Site Entrances
  • Fire lanes
  • Erosion Control
  • RV pads
  • Event Centers
  • Sports Venues
  • Dust Control

Commercial Use

100 % pervious. 100% land use. Stormwater detention below. Commercial parking lots need a robust paving solution that can handle traffic and maximize land utilization. Pervious cover and under-the-parking lot detention provide valuable land savings not possible with concrete. Most importantly, TRUEGRID® offers the ability to build larger buildings as the parking lot is no longer coded as impervious. TRUEGRID® is a complete win for commercial parking.

SuperSpot Compatible

SuperSpot™ parking markers are the maintenance free striping solution. Use SuperSpot™ parking markers to design your parking spaces and never have to re-stripe your lot. Use a variety of colors and the cellular grid to design, directional arrows, handicap signs, stripes, guides, and anything else you can think of.

Parking Lots

TRUEGRID® is the only permeable paver specifically designed for commercial and industrial grade parking lots. Built for heavy loads and high traffic, TRUEGRID® permeable paving surfaces provide a strong, durable and stable surface that will out perform and outlast traditional paving methods.


Maintain a natural aesthetic and mimic the way nature absorbs and filters stormwater. Do so while keeping the site temperature cool and comfortable. As rain filters through TRUEGRID®, the aggregate and the soils below, bioremediation helps filter pollutants from the stormwater. The result is cleaner, naturally-filtered rainwater flowing into the water table and water supplies. Don’t forget, TRUEGRID® is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic as well.

Storm Water Management

Increase storm water capacity with TRUEGRID® and reduce or eliminate inefficient detention ponds. A TRUEGRID® lot acts like a sponge to absorb and detain water and reduce flooding.

Ground Stabilization

TRUEGRID®'s incredible vertical compression strength and robust interlocks protect your surface from rutting, erosion, and instability for 20 + years.

Heavy Use

Gravel-filled TRUEGRID® is H20/ HS20 rated plus, more than enough for any vehicle. High traffic applications? No problem. Engineered for all soils and climates, TRUEGRID®’s temperature range is -58F to 194F and the flex joints design works well with freeze-thaw cycles and seasonal soil movement.

Parking with Detention

Why is TRUEGRID® the only permeable paving solution for commercial applications? It is the only permeable paver with the compressive and tensile strength, as well as, the balance of rigidity and flexibility to handle commercial vehicle traffic while creating an underground detention area for water to flow into.

Start Specifying Your Project

There are numerous designs you can create that will add detention capabilities and 100% pervious cover.

Explore TRUEGRID Specs


Technical Specifications

The Commercial Paver. Specify for commercial parking lots roadways with heavy loads and traffic. 100% pervious cover, stormwater detention in subbase. No runoff, flooding. Patented design combines flexibility and strength for industry best performance and 40 + year life.

PRO PLUS® - Cross Sections: Grass

PRO PLUS: Typical Installation Cross Section: Heavy Load (Grass)
PRO PLUS: Typical Installation Cross Section: Medium Load (Grass)
PRO PLUS: Typical Installation Cross Section: Light Load (Grass)
PRO PLUS Erosion Control (grass)
PRO PLUS Point Outflow (grass)
PRO PLUS Grass Fill Firelane

PRO PLUS® - Cross Sections: Gravel

PRO PLUS: Typical Installation Cross Section: Heavy Load (Gravel)
PRO PLUS: Typical Installation Cross Section: Medium Load (Gravel)
PRO PLUS: Typical Installation Cross Section: Light Load (Gravel)
PRO PLUS Erosion Control (gravel)
PRO PLUS Point Outflow (gravel)
PRO PLUS Gravel Fill Firelane

PRO PLUS® - General Specs

TRUEGRID Works In All Climates
TRUEGRID Pavers General Information
Edging & Transition from Hardscape
Wheel Stop Detail

PRO PLUS® - Product Specs, Cut Sheets and CSI

PRO PLUS: Cut Sheet
PRO PLUS SuperSpot Cut Sheet
PRO PLUS: Product Specifications
TRUEGRID PRO PLUS Technical Specification – CSI
SuperSpot Parking Space Layouts
SuperSpot Spec Sheet
TRUEGRID – Snow Plowing

TRUE Customization

Blue TRUEGRID SuperSpot Red TRUEGRID SuperSpot

Easy to install, high visibility SuperSpot®.

Mark parking spaces, delineate driving lanes, and create custom shapes with the high visibility SuperSpot®.

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