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A modular décor element, the TRUEGRID® DECO™ adds the flexibility to your design. Use square, round or irregular shaped step stones to build walkways, ribbon driveways or any stepping area to add character to your project. Use DECO™ alone or attach to the TRUEGRID® PRO PLUS™ pavement system to create unique projects that are not only pleasing to the eye but sustainable.

  • Patent Pending
  • Fits most 16” x 16” x 2” or smaller step stone pavers (for driveways or parking areas use vehicle-rated pavers found at specialty landscape supply stores)
  • 100% Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE
  • Fits round or any irregular shaped step stones under 16”.
  • Stone pavers not included
  • Connects with TRUEGRID PRO PLUS
  • Border cells allow for gravel or grass fill
  • Drain through and detain under grid
  • Grass or Gravel fill for border cells
  • 100% Permeable
  • Stabilize walkways or ribbon driveways
  • Prevent gravel migration
  • Add decorative walkways between parking spaces
  • Walkways
  • Driveways (use vehicle-load rated pavers)
  • Poolside
  • Garden Paths
  • Light Commercial Parking
  • Dog park paths
  • Common areas walks


The TRUEGRID® DECO™ is designed to be compatible with the TRUEGRID® PRO PLUS™ paver to create unique pavement designs. Create ribbon driveways that allow grass to grow in between or install walkways that lead to gardens of parks.


Manufactured to fit a typical 16" round, rectangle or irregular stone, our TRUEGRID® DECO™ paver works with most tiles found on the market. Just choose your style and color and begin designing your landscape. Be certain to use vehicle rated pavers available at specialty landscape supply retailers for driveways or parking areas.

Sustainable Design

Create accessibility and aesthetics for your clients to enjoy while maintaining and sustaining the environment. The possibilities are endless when forming projects that embrace nature's powerful forces. The TRUEGRID® DECO™ allows for installation of paving stones while preserving its permeability that the TRUEGRID® product line is best known for.


Now your walkways and driveway can drain. No more puddles or pooling water. TRUEGRID® products are 100 % permeable so rainwater infiltrates the surface instead of running off or pooling.

Grass or Gravel

Fill the DECO™ border cells with grass or gravel to create different looks. A DECO™ poolside path stays soft, cool and easy on the feet with grass. DECO™ paths between parking spaces in a gravel filled PRO PLUS™ lot are a nice effect. Reimagine.


TRUEGRID® DECO™ is an element of the TRUEGRID® PRO PLUS™ system. It connects to the PRO PLUS and is compatible with SuperSpots and other accessories in the PRO PLUS™ series.


Your walkways will be stable and level instead of sinking in the ground or becoming overgrown. Install your walkway once and forget about it.

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TRUEGRID can be built in many ways. Find what works best for you by discovering what other TRUEGRID customers successfully installed.

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Technical Specifications

Easily create walkways or ribbon driveways with this paver that pops into any TRUEGRID® PRO PLUS™ system. Easy to customize and compatible with any 16" square paver found at your near hardware store. Get creative with your permeable pavement decor.


DECO: Cut Sheet

TRUE Customization

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Easy to install, high visibility SuperSpot®.

Mark parking spaces, delineate driving lanes, and create custom shapes with the high visibility SuperSpot®.

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Learn How to Install!

Installing TRUEGRID is as easy as building blocks. There are just a few steps to take before laying down the grid. Explore our guides for different projects so you can start install today!

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