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About TRUEGRID Paver


The beauty and simplicity of a basic LEGO® brick has always wowed me. The fit. The strength. Have you ever seen one break? The versatility. Six eight-stud LEGO bricks (2×4) can be put together in 915,103,765 ways! Whatever one can imagine one can build!

With TRUEGRID®, I aspired to design a LEGO paver for the real world, more precisely a permeable one. Strength, simplicity and modular versatility are the legs to the grid’s design.

The TRUEGRID® paver is a simple, permeable paving building block for the real world.


Five years ago my hero, my nine year old son Hudson, battled and survived cancer.  His younger brother, my other hero and son, was born 10 weeks before his brother’s diagnosis. These events shaped the course of my life.

We have a clarity of purpose for our business: to challenge conventional thinking and disrupt traditional paving methods;  to ultimately create a better, cleaner, less toxic environment for our kids.

By offering a simple new green technology that is easily actionable, together we can make an impact now. Less flooding. Cleaner air and water. Less heat. Less thermal pollution. Less waste in the landfill. Fewer toxins from runoff pollutants as well coal tar & asphalt. A more natural landscape.

We are very fortunate. My kids are healthy and we get to do what we love with a deep sense of purpose. Last week I myself became a one-year cancer survivor. Our team greets each day with passion, purpose and joy for our mission. Call us and you’ll see. The TRUEGRID® movement is underway. Thank you for joining us in building a better tomorrow…now.

Barry Stiles

Founder & CEO