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We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have about our TRUEGRID pavers.  Look through the questions and answers below.  If your question remains unanswered, feel free to contact us directly.

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TRUEGRID is an eco-friendly paving alternative to concrete and asphalt that provides stability and storm water detention. TRUEGRID is super durable and storm water permeable to reduce flooding as well as stop rutting and erosion by providing structure for ground stabilization. Park/drive on the TRUEGRID surface and detain water underneath.

What makes TRUEGRID better than the rest?

TRUEGRID’s patented design allows for the product to perform in high traffic/heavy load applications in all climates.  The patented flex joints are the biggest differentiator.  The combination of vertical compression strength and built in flexibility is what truly sets TRUEGRID apart.

How heavy a load can TRUEGRID handle?

TRUEGRID products can handle anything that is on the road today including H-20 / HS-20 loading.  See CASE STUDIES page and PROJECT page of website for heavy load applications.

Can TRUEGRID handle heavy traffic?

Yes, TRUEGRID can be installed in driveways, commercial parking lots, and up to heavy industrial lay down yards.  There are multiple TRUEGRID projects that have constant 18-wheeler traffic on a daily basis.

How long will my TRUEGRID last?

25 to 60 plus years depending on traffic and application. TRUEGRID will typically outlast asphalt and last as long as or longer than concrete.  TRUEGRID is produced from 100% Post-Consumer High Density Polyethylene with added UV inhibitors.

What makes TRUEGRID stand out as a paver?

The combination of vertical compression strength and built in flexibility is what truly sets TRUEGRID apart from other pavers.  The speed and ease of installation for the contractor or DIY’er due to no staking or tools.

Where can I buy TRUEGRID?

TRUEGRID ships directly from one of our manufacturing USA manufacturing facilities in.  You can order boxes directly from our website , for small quantities or request a quote for volume discount pricing.  We ship direct from our manufacturing facilities to keep your price low for a high quality product.

What are the shipping costs of TRUEGRID?

TRUEGRID pricing is a delivered price to the location of your choice.

Can TRUEGRID be shipped directly to my home or business?


Where do you ship?


How do I order TRUEGRID?

For orders under 1200 square feet, order directly from the website. Please call or email for orders over 1200 sf.  Pricing can be requested from our website or by calling direct.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

In addition to our boxes (ECO – 72sf/box, PRO PLUS – 40sf/box) we also offer sample boxes for smaller quantities (ECO – 16sf/box, PRO PLUS – 8sf/box)

How is TRUEGRID packaged?

TRUEGRID is palletized in 4’x 4’ preassembled sections for larger orders.  Smaller online orders will be prepacked.  72 sf per box for TRUEGRID ECO.  40 sf per box for TRUEGRID PRO PLUS.

What is the installed cost of TRUEGRID?

The installed cost of TRUEGRID will be greatly dependent on project size and gravel prices in the area.  For a typical commercial parking lot you could expect to see installed costs between $5.50-$6.50 per square foot which is typically cheaper than concrete.

How do I install TRUEGRID?

The TRUEGRID System was developed to be very simple to install. Any contractor, landscaper, or DIY’er can easily do it the first time with little direction. We are also available for any needed guidance. Ask us about our simple installation guides specific to your application.

Can I install TRUEGRID myself?

Yes.  We have multiple cross sections and How To guides on our website or you can give us a call if you have any questions.  We are always available for assistance.

Can you recommend a contractor to install TRUEGRID?

Email or call us for a preferred installer in your area. If you have a paving contractor or landscaper who you would like to use for your TRUEGRID project, feel free to have him contact us directly for installation guidelines.  TRUEGRID was developed to be simple to install.

Can you grow grass through TRUEGRID?

Yes. You may seed, or use sod with TRUEGRID.

Can I seed or sod TRUEGRID?

Yes, TRUEGRID may be seeded or sodded.

What kind of rock should I use for base or fill material?

Base rock for detention and added drainage considerations should be angular, clean/washed rock, ¾” or 1” typical. If sub-surface detention is not a factor in your project, a compacted base such as recycled concrete or other road bases can be used.

You may use a wide variety of fill rock that is ½”-3/4” angular clean/washed, depending on what is locally available in your area and what the desired aesthetics of your project are. For ADA compliance it is best to use 5/8” diameter or smaller fill rock.  TRUEGRID carries the load so it can be filled with a variety of aggregates.

How to prevent weeds from growing in my installation?

TRUEGRID recommends a geotextile fabric to be installed between the subgrade and base material.  This will not only act as a weed barrier but a separation barrier for your base material and the subgrade.

How deep should my base layer be?

Depending on the application, TRUEGRID recommends the base be between 4”-8”.  For most new commercial applications, the base will be 8” but can be increased if more detention volume is desired.  TRUEGRID can also be installed directly on an existing gravel area to mitigate dust, mud and prevent long term maintenance.

Does TRUEGRID need edging when installed next to other materials?

TRUEGRID does not require edging but it can be installed if desired.  If transitioning to an adjacent hardscape you will want to ensure the TRUEGRID is flush or slightly recessed below the surrounding grade.  See edging detail on our Technical Specs page.

Do I have to stake TRUEGRID to the ground?

TRUEGRID does not require staking due to the built in x-anchors.  The fill material along with the weight of TRUEGRID will keep the system in place.

Can TRUEGRID be installed on sloped ground?

TRUEGRID is designed for slopes up to 20 degrees.  Anything greater, TRUEGRID recommends to stake the product in place.

Does TRUEGRID require extra clips or stakes to lock in place like other plastic systems?

No, TRUEGRID requires no clips or stakes.  TRUEGRID has built in robust male/female connection tabs that simple snap together for quick installation.

What maintenance requirements are there for TRUEGRID?

Typically none. TRUEGRID is a maintenance free system with a stone infill.  Grass infill will require water and mowing.

Is TRUEGRID permitted in my area?

Typically, pervious surfaces are encouraged by most municipalities to reduce storm water runoff and flooding. Check with your local permit office or your contractor for local coding. If we can help, please call or email us.

Where is TRUEGRID made?

TRUEGRID is made in the U.S.A. out of quality USA raw materials.  Factory direct.

Is TRUEGRID ADA compliant?

Yes, TRUEGRID projects are ADA complaint when transitions are kept less than ½” and aggregate of ½” or under is used.  It is important to only fill the TRUEGRID flush to the top and not overfill.  The TRUEGRID DECK is also ADA compliant and offers a gravel free surface while also 100% permeable.

What is TRUEGRID warranty?

Ten-year warranty for workmanship and manufacturer’s defects. Check the installation contractor for installation warranty. TRUEGRID does not directly provide construction or installation services and does not warranty installation.

Can TRUEGRID be snowplowed?

Yes.  TRUEGRID recommends to keep the blade of the plow ½”-1” above the grid.  This can be accomplished by roller guides or risers on the plow.  See Snow Plowing technical document on our Technical Specs page.

What types of soil does TRUEGRID work with?

TRUEGRID works with all soils and in all climates. For unstable soils a geo-grid mesh or permeable pinpoint fabric may be helpful between the soil and the rock base.  TRUEGRID integral flex joints allow it to hug the ground with any type of soil movement.  It will not buckle and unzip like rigid systems.

Can TRUEGRID be installed in any climate?

Yes. The temperature range of TRUEGRID products is -58F to 198F.

How quickly can I install TRUEGRID?

Fast! The panels are pre-assembled in 4’x 4’ sheets. TRUEGRID can be installed at over 1000 sf per man-hour. Also, TRUEGRID is plenty strong enough to drive full gravel trucks on the empty TRUEGRID before the rock fill.  This ability speeds up the construction of a project tremendously.

How is TRUEGRID eco-friendly?

What are the environmental benefits of TRUEGRID? TRUEGRID is green from manufacturing through end use. TRUEGRID is made from 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE. Using TRUEGRID allows storm water to permeate through the aggregate or grass fill so bio-remediation can help remove pollutants from the water before it reaches the water table (Environment). Also, substituting TRUEGRID for concrete eliminates the CO2 emissions from the manufacture of cement. In addition, TRUEGRID reduces the urban heat island effect associated with concrete and asphalt paving.  Enter the square feet of your project on our Environmental Impact page to calculate your environmental impact and benefits for your specific project.

Can I order TRUEGRID in other colors?

Other colors can be special ordered. Because we must use virgin plastic there is an up-charge and minimum order quantity.

How do I stripe my parking lot?

SuperSpots and/or SuperSpot Reflector may be used to stripe your parking lot.  These are available in multiple colors and can be configured however you’d like.  Typically, the spots are installed every foot or 18 per parking stripe.  See SuperSpot striping details on our Technical Specs page.

How long will TRUEGRID stay permeable?

For the life of the installation when filled with the recommended clean, washed fill aggregate.

Does TRUEGRID help with flooding?

Yes, TRUEGRID reduces storm water runoff by providing water detention volume in the gird and the sub-base.

Can TRUEGRID be used in equine/livestock applications?

Yes, TRUEGRID prevents muddy stalls, paddocks, swivels/walkers, trailways and pens; helping to prevent hoof disease.

Can TRUEGRID be used in fire lanes?

Yes, TRUEGRID is the perfect option to provide soil stabilization for fire lanes and fire engines and emergency vehicles. TRUEGRID meets code and has been installed in many such projects across the country. TRUEGRID Fire Lane typical cross sections can be found here.

Is TRUEGRID H20 and HS20 rated?


How can I get detention space under the surface of TRUEGRID?

By using angular, clean stone 1” or under you can create detention which is calculated by multiplying the square foot of TRUEGRID by the depth of the cross section and then by 40%. This represents the void space in the rock sub- base and the detention capacity.  Please give us a call to see how we can help figure the detention capabilities for your project.

How can I transition a TRUEGRID lot to a concrete or asphalt lot?

Install TRUEGRID 1/8” to ¼” below the concrete or asphalt where it transitions to TRUEGRID. See transition detail on our Technical Specs page.

Can TRUEGRID be cut to fit any shape?

Yes, TRUEGRID can be easily cut on site with a handheld power saw.

What applications can TRUEGRID be used in?

Virtually any paving application except for high speed highways. Parking lots, equipment storage yards, driveways, fire lanes, sports fields, overflow parking, job sites, oil field rig sites, pathways, ADA compliant surfaces, horse and livestock stalls and trails, event parking, entertainment venues for parking and foot traffic, landscaping, temporary parking or heavy vehicle traffic, equipment pads, shed pads, hot tub pads, pool skirting, golf course paths.

How is TRUEGRID manufactured?

TRUEGRID is injection molded in the USA from 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE.

What is HDPE?

High density polyethylene, a tough, inert, groundwater neutral material.

What is LID?

LID stands for Low Impact Development where green, sustainable building techniques are used in new construction to minimize or eliminate the environmental impact of new development.

Do you overfill with gravel or do you want to see the grid?

TRUEGRID recommends to fill the gravel flush to the top of the grid.  This keeps the gravel contained within the cells of the grid and prevents gravel migration.  It also prevents any potential dust issues as the grid is the load bearing structure so the fill material is not pulverized.

Can I receive any LEED credits for TRUEGRID?

Yes, there are 5 LEED categories for TRUEGRID.  Please see LEED document on our Technical Specs page.

Do you have to bring in more gravel over time?

No, as long as you only fill flush to the top of the TRUEGRID the gravel will be contained.

What is the lead time?

TRUEGRID is readily available and can ship the next day after the order is processed.

How is the product UV resistant?

During the manufacturing process a UV stabilizer is added to the HDPE.

Is it high heel friendly?

Yes, as long as you use ½”-3/4” angular stone filled flush to the top of the grid it will be high heel friendly.

Can TRUEGRID help reduce or eliminate my detention pond?

Absolutely, the combination of 100% permeability and the 40% void space detention volume can for sure reduce if not completely eliminate the detention pond.

What other services does TRUEGRID offer?

TRUEGRID is not a distributor of products.  We are the manufacturer and experts in permeable paving.  We can help you design you project and work directly with engineers or architects for site specific designs.  We also offer the details needed to make the engineer’s and architects job easier.  TRUEGRID is with you from design to installation.  We want to make sure your project goes in correctly and performs like it is supposed to.

  • Always available and easy to order.  Just call and place your order when you are ready.
  • TRUEGRID products ship within 24 hrs.  Direct to site…residential or commercial.
  • Industry best patented design with integral flex joints that are necessary for project longevity and adaptability to any climate or soils.  Robust connectors that allow for quick installation and will not separate. No staking, or clipping necessary.
  • Made in USA and developed for overall strength, longevity and ease of install.
  • No distributor markup.  We give you the most product at the lowest cost direct from one of our USA factories.
  • Trusted by engineers and architects for long term performance.
  • Eco-Friendly from production to performance.  Made from 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE.
  • TRUEGRID is customer driven.  We can assist from project design to installation. We are always available and happy to help.