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Industrial. Military. Construction site strong. The undisputed, unbeaten heavyweight paving champ.  Stabilize any site. Lay directly on compacted aggregate or on rock base for detention. When the project calls for extreme loads and conditions, the only option is TRUEGRID® MACK™. Patent Pending super strong double-wall I-beam construction, earth gripping teeth.

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  • Patent Pending Super Strong Design
  • Double-wall I-beam construction for superior strength and durability
  • 100% Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE
  • Gridlock™ positive locks
  • Earth grabbing teeth for torque strength
  • Gripping traction tread surface
  • 100% effective permeability
  • Deep Cells for Gravel Containment
  • No Staking or Clips
  • Works in All Climates & Soils
  • May be Saw Cut for Curves & Trees
  • 20 + Year, Virtually Maintenance Free Life
  • Remains Highly Permeable for Life of Project
  • No more ruts, puddles, or flooding
  • Roadways
  • Construction Site Access
  • Truck terminals & sites
  • Heavy Traffic Drive lanes
  • Military
  • Extreme Applications
  • Dust Control

Unbeatable Strength

Patented double-wall I-beam construction creates thicker cells that can handle extreme weight. The cells are engineered to handle loaded 18-wheelers all day long. The TRUEGRID® MACK™ is the best choice for extreme use and permeability.

Unmovable Support

For added adherence to the ground, the patented earth-grabbing teeth dig into the sub-base or subgrade maximizing stability in heavy loads or high torque. No dust, erosion or mud can compete with TRUEGRID® MACK™.

Extra-Strength SuperSpot® Parking Markers

The SuperSpot® MACK™ design is the highest strength parking marker on the planet. With a large 4.75” diameter and domed for high visibility, the SuperSpot® MACK™ delineates and directs your truck traffic with maintenance-free markers that never quit.

Truck Yards

Drive anything you want on TRUEGRID® MACK™. Tough and strong with high-compressive strength, unmatched shear strength of the thick interlocks and torque resistance from the anchoring teeth. No more dust clouds.

Military-Grade Strength

Strong enough for the US Military, TRUEGRID® has been used on military equipment sites and troop training facilities.

Construction Sites

It doesn’t get more extreme than a construction site and work has to continue despite the mud. Stabilize the site and drive heavy cranes and cement trucks directly on the MACK™. Don’t slow down.

Parking Lots

Heavy-use drive lanes are a natural for MACK. Large, domed SuperSpot® MACK™ delineate and direct traffic clearly.

Concerned About Weight-Load Capacity?

TRUEGRID MACK is unbeatable and can handle ANY weight capacity. Just start specifying your projects to make them not only permeable but durable.

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Technical Specifications

The extreme Industrial Paver. Patented double wall, I-beam design and ground gripping teeth. Specify MACK for the toughest paving conditions where either permeability or dust control is desired.



MACK: Typical Installation Cross Section: Heavy Load (Gravel)
MACK: Typical Installation Cross Section: Stabilization (Gravel)


MACK Cut Sheet
MACK SuperSpot Cut Sheet

TRUE Customization

Blue TRUEGRID SuperSpot Red TRUEGRID SuperSpot

Easy to install, high visibility SuperSpot®.

Mark parking spaces, delineate driving lanes, and create custom shapes with the high visibility SuperSpot®.

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Case Study: Pocono Raceway

TRUEGRID aligned with NASCAR's green initiatives and were chosen out of dozens of candidates to pave their guest area at Pocono Raceway. Find out how TRUEGRID made building their sustainable project effortless.

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