Grass Pavement: 4 Benefits of Paving with Grass

Pavement serves a critical role in our society. It provides a sturdy, long-lasting place for us to park or drive our vehicles and other methods of transportation. But, while the popular pavement choices have served us well over the years, they are not without their own faults and have had some immense negative effects on […]

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Concrete or Asphalt – Which is Better for Parking Lots?

When it comes to building parking lots, there aren’t a whole lot of options in terms of what kind of material you can use. The most commonly used materials are, of course, asphalt and concrete. Both types of materials come with different considerations to keep in mind, and you might be surprised to see how […]

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How to Stop Driveway Erosion for Good

If you’ve ever had to deal with driveway erosion, you’re probably already well aware of the negative impact it can have on your driveway and even the health of your vehicles. Driveway erosion is one of the most common problems that homeowners encounter and it typically shows up near concrete or asphalt driveways. Impermeable materials […]

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Don’t Build a Commercial Parking Lot Without Considering These 5 Things

Commercial businesses need efficient parking lots. They provide a place for people to park, but they also help add to the look of professionalism to a building and serve as a pathway for stormwater to runoff to somewhere safe like a sewer or detention pond. Many business owners will use asphalt if they’re planning to […]

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The Many Benefits of Permeable Walkways

Up until this point in history, most walkways and paved surfaces, in general, have been laid with impervious material. Impervious material does not allow stormwater or anything to pass through it because there is not enough space within the makeup of the material itself. Concrete, asphalt, brick, and stone are all examples of material that […]

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Investing in a Green Driveway is One of the Smartest Decisions You Could Make

If you’ve never heard of a green driveway, you’re not alone. Many homeowners are going to end up installing an impermeable concrete or asphalt driveway without even realizing that other options are available.  Green driveways, like the kind produced by TRUEGRID and other companies, aren’t just great for the environment, they actually provide tangible value […]

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9 Sustainable Driveway Design Ideas to Consider in 2020

Driveways are an important aspect of your property when it comes to design and style. While many homeowners opt for a basic asphalt, dirt, or concrete driveway why not add some style or flair and enjoy the huge aesthetic potential that more modern styles offer. A driveway is more than just a place to park […]

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8 Examples of Sustainable Development That Will Change the World in 2020

As populations around the world continue to increase and the climate crisis grows more concerning with each passing day, the need for sustainable development in all shapes and sizes has never been higher. This means we need new construction methods, materials, and strategies that are as eco-friendly as possible. Sustainable Development Examples Thankfully, there are […]

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Driveway Paving Alternatives: A Guide to Selecting a Better Driveway Solution

When it comes to driveway alternatives, the average homeowner is usually unaware that such options exist. The standard concrete or asphalt driveway has long been the standard for residential and even rural homes. And, while these types of driveways have served their homeowners well up to this point, the need for alternative driveway solutions has […]

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Asphalt is Out – Commercial Paving Alternatives for Your Business

The days of automatically paving your commercial parking lots with asphalt are coming to an end. For smart business owners who want to maximize the value of their investments and minimize long-term expenditures wherever possible, asphalt is now in many cases not the best choice.  For a multitude of reasons- cost, maintenance, land use, flood […]

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