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The Best Driveway Material for Minnesota

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TRUEGRID PRO LITE with Grass infill in the spring and in winter
TRUEGRID PRO LITE with Grass infill in the spring and in winter.

Are you considering upgrading your driveway but unsure which material can withstand Minnesota’s harsh winters and unpredictable weather? 

Selecting the right driveway material is absolutely crucial, especially if you live in Minnesota. You also most likely want something that has aesthetic appeal, durability, longevity, and low maintenance requirements. Fortunately, you’re in luck!

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about driveway requirements in Minnesota and the available driveway materials and help you decide which is best for your Minnesota driveway. Let’s jump in!

Driveway Requirements from Minnesota

TRUEGRID Gravel Infill Driveway

Minnesota’s climate poses unique challenges for driveway materials. The region experiences a wide range of weather conditions, from scorching summers to frigid winters, along with frequent rain and snow. These fluctuations can be tough on driveways, causing them to crack, fade, or sink over time.

Plus, the freeze-thaw cycles common in Minnesota make choosing a driveway material way more important. You must choose a material that can withstand severe temperature changes and expansive subsoils without deteriorating quickly.

The ideal driveway material for Minnesota should also be able to manage rain and melting snow effectively to prevent water from pooling and causing damage. It needs to be strong enough to handle heavy snow removal equipment in the winter and durable enough to withstand the pressure of multiple vehicles year-round.

Driveway Parking with TRUEGRID  in Anchorage Alaska – Similar Climate to Minnesota

Minnesota Driveway Material Options

Each driveway material available to Minnesota homeowners offers a unique set of benefits and challenges. Here’s how the most popular options stack up under Minnesota’s demanding conditions.


Concrete is a popular material choice for driveways due to its clean, modern look and long lifespan. It offers a robust surface that can support heavy vehicles, making it a reliable option for many homeowners.

On the other hand, concrete can last for decades but might crack during Minnesota’s freeze-thaw cycles unless properly installed with the right base and expansion joints. Plus, it requires regular sealing to maintain its appearance and durability, which can be costly.


Asphalt provides a classic blacktop look with an initially lower installation cost than concrete. It’s also particularly adept at hiding stains and spills. Plus, it flexes with temperature changes, making it less likely to crack than concrete.

Unfortunately, asphalt driveways require periodic sealing every three to five years and can degrade under UV radiation. While it is more flexible under thermal stress, asphalt has a shorter lifespan and can soften in hot weather, leading to potential deformities under heavy loads.

Stone Pavers

Stone pavers, including varieties like natural stone and brick, offer a high-end, customizable appearance that adds a distinctive aesthetic appeal to any property. Plus, pavers are extremely durable, can withstand harsh weather conditions, and are easy to replace if damage occurs.

However, the initial cost can be higher than other materials, and poor installation may lead to shifting or sinking pavers over time, which could undermine the functionality and appeal of your driveway.

Permeable Paving

Permeable paving solutions allow water to pass through the surface, reducing runoff and enhancing groundwater recharge. This option excellently manages snow and rain, preventing water from pooling and ice forming on your driveway’s surface.

Permeable pavers require minimal maintenance and are environmentally friendly, reducing the need for stormwater management systems. 

Considering Minnesota’s sometimes harsh weather conditions, permeable pavers may be the best driveway material for Minnesota homes. Not only are they functional and durable, as mentioned above, but they’re also stylish and sustainable, which is nothing but a win-win for you.

Deciding Which Material is the Best for Minnesota Driveways

TRUEGRID PRO PLUS Driveway With Gravel Infill

When choosing the best material for Minnesota driveways, you must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each option. Concrete is a traditional favorite that offers stability, durability, and a sleek appearance. On the other hand, regular maintenance requirements and vulnerability to cracking in extremely cold conditions can make it a less appealing option if you’re looking for lower maintenance solutions.

Asphalt, while more adaptable to temperature fluctuations and easier to repair, suffers from a shorter lifespan and the need for frequent resealing, which may result in higher long-term costs. Alternatively, stone pavers present a high-end, durable option with aesthetic versatility that many property owners appreciate. However, the higher initial cost and potential for shifting or sinking can make them much less affordable.

Permeable paving offers a revolutionary approach with exceptional drainage capabilities and minimal maintenance requirements. Its environmental benefits align perfectly with the growing trend towards sustainable building practices. And it’s the most durable, versatile, and long-lasting option on this list.

The Answer? Permeable Pavers from TRUEGRID

Given the severe weather conditions in Minnesota, which include heavy rainfall, snow, and drastic temperature changes, permeable pavers from TRUEGRID are the obvious choice. TRUEGRID, made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic, has a temperature range from -58F to 198F.

TRUEGRID® PRO LITE and PRO PLUS permeable paver systems manage water runoff and prevent common problems such as pooling and ice. Plus, they’re extremely durable and low maintenance, making them the most cost-effective, long-term driveway solution on the market.

Create the Best Possible Driveway in Minnesota with Permeable Pavers from TrueGrid

To build a driveway that stands the test of time, looks incredible, and handles Minnesota’s weather with ease, consider permeable pavers from TRUEGRID. Our paver systems offer unparalleled performance, durability, function, and sustainability. Contact us to learn more, or get an estimate today!

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