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13 Community Center Design Ideas

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Are you looking to design or renovate a community center and need innovative, cost-effective ideas for the parking and exterior design? 

In this article, we’re going to discuss various design elements that can enhance the aesthetics of your space while simultaneously prioritizing environmental sustainability, accessibility, function, and more! Let’s get started!

Community Center Designs to Inspire Your Next Renovation

Designing a community center presents a ton of unique challenges and opportunities. But by focusing on multifunctional and sustainable design elements, you can maximize your space. Here are some unique community center design ideas to inspire your renovation.

Green Parking Solutions

One of the best ways to improve the design of your community center is to focus on your parking areas. Green parking solutions have the added benefits of being super functional and sustainable, which make them a perfect choice for any community.

1. Grass Parking Areas

Grass parking areas are a visually appealing and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pavement. By using TRUEGRID PRO PLUS you can maintain the green look while ensuring the area is durable and usable year-round. For this type of installation, proper soil preparation and choosing the right type of grass are crucial for enhancing the site’s environmental benefits, but once you have the right mix, it’s a perfect solution.

2. Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers are key to sustainable community center designs, especially in parking areas. These pavers allow rainwater to seep through and get absorbed into the ground. This reduces the risk of water retention and flooding, which can help in more ways than one.

TRUEGRID offers a range of permeable paving solutions that are not only highly effective but also aesthetically pleasing. Plus, they create the ideal parking lot because they’re easy to drive on, don’t require constant maintenance like gravel parking lots, and are super sustainable. 

TRUEGRID PRO PLUS with Gravel Infill can be used for unlimited traffic volumes and PRO PLUS with grass infill can be used for low traffic volumes.

Drainage Systems

Speaking of parking solutions with drainage systems, if you want to create a safe environment in your community center, you have to worry about excess rainfall. That’s why we recommend permeable pavers. But if you’re looking for other solutions, you might try these.

3. French Drains and Trench Drains

French drains or trench drains into your community center design to manage excess water efficiently. These solutions can easily be integrated into the landscape, ensuring effective water management without compromising on style.

4. Rain Gardens

Rain gardens in parking lot islands are perfect for enhancing water absorption and adding visual interest to your community center design. Selecting the right plants and designing the layout thoughtfully can significantly improve your community center’s drainage while making the space look beautiful. Both of these solutions work well with permeable pavers.


If you’re going to design a community center, it needs to be accessible. So, here are a couple of small community center design ideas to make your space more accessible to the community.

6. ADA-Compliant Parking Design

It’s essential to design your parking areas to be ADA-compliant, with adequately sized and marked accessible parking spots. You should make sure these spots are strategically placed close to the community center entrance for easy access.

7. Smooth Transitions

For any visitor or community member using wheelchairs or other mobility aids, smooth transitions are absolutely vital. Use materials that provide a firm, stable, and slip-resistant surface to prevent any gaps or bumps, and you’ll make your community center much more accessible.

Special Lighting and Safety Features

If your community center is open after dark or before sunrise, you should take the time to make sure you have adequate lighting and features that promote the safety and overall well-being of your community members.

8. Solar-Powered Lighting

Incorporate solar-powered lighting to ensure your parking areas are well-lit while keeping energy costs low. Strategic placement of lights can enhance both the usability and safety of the area after dark.

9. Security Cameras and Emergency Stations

If you want people to feel safe at your community center, you should install surveillance cameras and emergency stations to boost security. Design the layout to maximize visibility and prevent potential security breaches.

Fun Landscaping

If you want to take your community center exterior design to the next level, why not try some fun landscaping ideas?

10. Shade Trees and Canopy Coverage

Planting shade trees strategically can offer natural cooling and contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your community center’s exterior. Choose species that provide year-round benefits, and you can have shade trees all year.

11. Decorative Barriers and Fencing

Install decorative barriers and fencing to give your community center new life. This has the bonus benefit of adding extra security features to your community center design, which is a win-win!

Signage and Directions

Another wise design option for community centers is clear signage and directions. Especially if you have a large community center, you want people to be able to find their way around. Here are some excellent design options for signage.

12. Eco-Friendly Signage

Choose signage made from sustainable materials that are durable and visually appealing. Remember to ensure the directions on the signage are clear and understandable to everyone, including those with disabilities.

13. Smart Parking Technology

Implement smart parking technologies that use apps and sensors to indicate available spots, reducing congestion and enhancing your visitor experience. This can also help keep your community center parking area organized and easy to use.

Improve Your Community Center Design Ideas with Pavers from Truegrid

Enhance the functionality and aesthetic of your community center’s exterior with TrueGrid’s innovative paving solutions. With permeable paver systems that reduce water runoff and boost accessibility and safety, we have the technology and expertise to help you transform your space.

Get an estimate today to get started!

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