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A Quick Guide to Permeable Paver Patios

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Patios come in all shapes and sizes, but usually serve one of a handful of purposes. They can be used for cooking, relaxing, entertaining, or all of the above. They often have furniture and other items, and because they are located outside the walls of your home, they tend to be susceptible to flooding. 

Many patios are laid with some type of impermeable material, usually concrete, which doesn’t allow water to pass through it, and displaces it to the sides. If your patio is uncovered, this can lead to flooding rather quickly. 

There are, however, patios that are uncovered, yet somehow immune to flooding. In case you weren’t aware of permeable paver patios, let’s go through an in-depth breakdown of what they are and how they can benefit you as well as the world at large.

What is a Permeable Patio?

A permeable patio is a patio constructed with permeable pavers instead of more traditional paving materials like concrete. These pavers serve a variety of purposes, but the most important is to provide you with solid, level, durable paving that can stand up to the traffic your patio will get, while simultaneously preventing flooding from ever occurring near your patio, due to the built-in drainage capabilities of the pavers.

Instead of concrete being laid over a level subgrade (as patios are normally built), permeable paver patios use aggregate and pavers instead. The subgrade is excavated and a cloth is laid down over the level surface and serves as a weed block. Then, the aggregate of your choice is poured into the subgrade and rolled or tamped for a tight compaction.

Next, the pavers are laid over the aggregate and more aggregate, either different or the same type,  is poured into the cells the pavers. The plastic pavers hold the fill gravel in place so there is no maintenance for this stabilized patio surface. The paver grid surface filled with aggregate is then compacted to provide a level patio. Simple, easy, DIY friendly. That’s the entire installation process of permeable paver patios in a nutshell. 

Why are Permeable Patios Better?

There are many reasons why permeable paver patios are the better choice. Unless you are specifically married to the look of concrete, you’re likely to be swayed by permeable paving instead. First, they perform equal to or better than solid concrete patios in terms of durability and functionality. They cost less to install and require almost no maintenance whatsoever. Perhaps more importantly, they offer a wide variety of pleasing and natural aesthetic options.

They also have a variety of style options, with different types and colors of aggregate available. You can also include some impermeable paving into the design, while your permeable pavers fill in the gaps. Examples of this include stepping stone pavers, which are plastic pavers that stabilize a stone paver in the center and contain the surrounding gravel or grass fill in between the stepping stones or rock pavers.

Another reason why a DIY permeable patio paver is the best choice is that they are much better for the environment than non-permeable materials. Not only do they allow natural water flow, certain companies make their pavers with eco-friendliness in mind. TRUEGRID is one example of a company that uses 100% post-consumer recycled plastic to make their pavers. 

The permeable pavers from TRUEGRID are light weight despite being as strong or stronger than concrete and easy to transport and install. The DIY permeable patio you can build with their products requires no special machinery or equipment other than a heavy roller and basic excavating tools like a shovel, hoe, etc. 

Why Should You Use TRUEGRID Products to Build Your Permeable Patio?

The answer is simple, TRUEGRID is the most environmentally conscious and reliable company when it comes to permeable paving. They are also a leader in the field, offering the widest and most well-performing selection of permeable paving products available. TRUEGRID has pavers suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial use, and they even offer specialized products and add-ons like the DECO stepping stone paver, the MACK double-walled paver, the ROOT  grass paver, and blue, white, red, and yellow SuperSpot parking markers , and more. 

Whether you’re looking to build a residential or commercial patio, the permeable pavers from TRUEGRID will outperform nearly anything else you can find, and their proven track record of flood-prevention performance is another big plus. Some permeable pavers require special equipment or knowledge to install, but TRUEGRID products are so easy to use that you can start building a DIY permeable patio in the morning and be finished before the sun sets. 

Permeable Patios are Good for Everyone

A permeable paver patio is a benefit for many reasons. They look great and natural, are cooler in hot weather than concrete, last a long time, perform better than concrete, add drainage, never pool or puddle and are far better for the environment than traditional paving. If you want a functional patio that is immune to flooding and leaves the smallest carbon footprint possible while also looking great, look no further than TRUEGRID.

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