Project Spotlight: Cayuga Lake Boat Launch

Permeable pavers have been making a bigger and bigger impact around the world since they were invented. TRUEGRID has been installing pavers and completing projects of all shapes and sizes since they were established. From fire lanes to driveways, parking lots, and more, They have built a great reputation by completing projects for some of […]

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Restaurant Parking Design — 8 Things to Consider

If you’re designing a parking lot for your restaurant, there are a variety of factors you need to consider. Restaurant parking lots have different requirements and layouts, depending on how your restaurant is run. Your parking lot is one of the first things people see when they pull up, so it’s important that yours is […]

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The Best Option for Commercial Overflow Parking Design

If your commercial business is getting a lot of traffic, that’s often a good sign. Tons of traffic can mean you’re getting a lot of customers, but what happens when you get too more cars than parking spots?  Small businesses, in particular, are no stranger to overflowed parking lots. They’re often built on small plots […]

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Dust Abatement Strategies for Industrial Sites

If you work for one of the many industrial or commercial sites across the nation that uses a dirt or gravel parking lot, you probably know firsthand how detrimental dust can be. These types of lots tend to see big, heavy vehicles coming through on a frequent basis, as well as frequent traffic from smaller […]

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A Better Paving Material for Retail Parking Lots

If you need to pave a retail parking lot, there are a lot of different things you’ll need to take into consideration. Saving money is one thing that almost everyone considers important, but there are other features to consider as well. Stormwater detention is something every parking lot has to deal with, for instance.  Eco-friendliness, […]

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How to Approach Dust Control in Mines

Mining is one of the most dangerous jobs on Earth. Mines pose a risk of collapsing, and they also stir up so much dust during normal operations that it becomes a health hazard to everyone in the vicinity. Miners have to deal with dust in the actual mines, and then on the surrounding roadways as […]

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How Permeable Pavers are Improving Public Parks

When you think of permeable pavement, you might envision parking lots or sidewalks made from material like permeable asphalt, concrete, or pavers. Parks can also benefit from permeable pavers. In fact, one type of permeable paver is able to improve parks in ways that other types can’t.  Let’s review the permeable paver that can have […]

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9 Long Rural Country Driveway Design Ideas

Country homes often have very long driveways. They’re different from suburban driveways because they need to be built from materials that don’t require a lot of regular maintenance due to their length and location. They also need to be able to stand up to long hours in the sun in most areas. Rural Driveway Design […]

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Asphalt Damage and Distress: 13 Types of Pavement Deterioration 

Asphalt is one of the most common types of paving material available today. The majority of parking lots are built with asphalt, which is found in many other paving applications as well. What many people don’t realize, however, is that using asphalt has many downsides. The biggest one is probably the sheer variety of damage […]

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Why TRUEGRID is a Great Choice for Your RV Parking

If you’ve ever owned an RV, you know that having a dedicated parking space is preferable to parking it on the street or in your driveway. RVs are generally too big to fit in a garage and heavy enough to leave indentations and tracks in your yard.  Of course, you might be the owner of […]

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