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The Fastest, Cheapest Way to Add a Parking Area

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Grass parking has long been used by homeowners, small business owners, schools, and more to create temporary parking areas that don’t disrupt the environment or create permanent change to the area. Often, these grass parking lots were made of just that, grass. Unfortunately, the main drawback of parking lots like these is that they are somewhat temporary and unable to handle especially heavy loads like big trucks, planes, and other types of heavy vehicles. 

However, major innovations have been made in grass parking technology that allow for continual, heavy-load usage from vehicles of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking to build a parking area in the least expensive and fastest manner possible, let’s take a look at how you can achieve this with TRUEGRID permeable pavers.

Grass Parking Done Right

With grass pavers, you can create a stable, durable, and impermanent parking space that allows water to flow through while providing a place for heavy vehicles to park and planes to land. ROOT grass pavers from TRUEGRID are the number one product on the market when it comes to grass paving.

The main problem with parking areas that can handle heavy loads like planes and big vehicles is that they are impermeable, costly, and take forever to install. With TRUEGRID ROOT pavers, however, you can eliminate all of these problems at once without sacrificing anything in the way of functionality or durability.

In fact, since these pavers are able to handle heavy loads just as well as asphalt or concrete, they are the single cheapest way to pave an area. The cost of this product is so low because it is produced from 100% recycled plastic, and takes almost no time to install. The installment process of grass pavers doesn’t require any special know-how or equipment, except for a heavy roller or vehicle.

The Many Benefits of ROOT PAVERS

ROOT pavers are permeable, so you will not suffer any land loss by installing them. If the land you’ve paved with them isn’t being used for parking, it can be used for anything else you might normally use a plot of grass for. It also won’t displace any rainwater, which keeps you from having to install costly drainage systems or dealing with flooding around the edges. ROOT PAVERS are also the perfect way to implement grass parking in an area without ever having to worry about ruts or dips developing.

The design of these pavers allows them to be locked tight into place right through the grass that you lay them on. The X-anchor system will lock into the soil while allowing the grass to grow up through the pavers. The design of TRUEGRID ROOT pavers is so efficient, in fact, that you won’t even notice them beneath the grass., except that you won’t sink in wet weather!

Normal parking lots designed to handle heavy loads require special permits before you can install them, and they require excavation that comes with its own equipment and manpower requirements. With TRUEGRID ROOT pavers however, you can build a parking lot that doesn’t obscure the natural environment, doesn’t require you to apply for any special permits, and doesn’t require you to excavate the land or hire expensive contractors to do it for you.

TRUEGRID ROOT Pavers are Eco-Friendly 

Another highly underrated benefit of using TRUEGRID PERMEABLE ROOT PAVERS is that they are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic as well as produced in the most eco-friendly manner possible.

By investing in these pavers, over another type of paver made from less eco-friendly materials or concrete/asphalt, you are making the most environmentally-friendly choice possible with regard to installing a parking lot. 

This is something that many don’t even consider when looking to install a parking lot designed for bearing heavy loads because they assume that more environmentally-harmful materials like concrete and asphalt are required in order to handle the intense weight and pressure of such large vehicles as planes, trucks, and more. 

TRUEGRID has changed the game by providing this option for consumers, and made it possible to park even the heaviest of vehicles on reliable, eco-friendly grass pavement that stands the test of time. 

TRUEGRID Has Revolutionized Grass Parking

The days of having to spend an arm and a leg to install an environmentally-friendly parking lot for heavy vehicles are over. With the invention of TRUEGRID ROOT pavers, you can now create a functional, industrial strength parking lot in a grassy area without changing the look or natural function of the land it’s built on. 

TRUEGRID ROOT Permeable Pavers will create a highly-durable and reliable parking lot for the cheapest price and in the fastest time imaginable.

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