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TRUEGRID Is Paving The Way Of Parking Lot Design With Environmentally-Friendly Solutions

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One single parking lot design doesn’t work with every commercial organization or establishment. Parking lots may experience drainage problems, soil erosion, sinking pavement, and other problems. When ordinary concrete pavement isn’t working, commercial organizations must look for other viable solutions to their parking lot issues.

A more proactive method in controlling the water and offering a stable surface to drive vehicles across that is also drawing interest to businesses across the country involves the use of permeable pavers. Permeable pavers from TRUEGRID are the newest pervious pavement solutions being used in all industries in need of parking solutions from stadiums to construction sites. TRUEGRID permeable pavers consist of a plastic grid made out of 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE to make it friendly with the environment. The surface of the pavers allows water to pass through and directly into the soil while the grid itself is strong enough to handle the weight of vehicles and large construction equipment. The grid may be filled in with gravel, soil or grass for an aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

Our parking lot design solutions are also ideal when there is an overflow of vehicles on grassy areas. People may need “parking on grass solutions” so vehicles do not get stuck on muddy or sinking ground when hosting outdoor events at state parks, festival areas and sports venues. Permeable pavers are ideal to provide a stable surface without ruining the look of the nearby grass. In fact, most visitors won’t be able to tell that there are permeable pavers in the ground as the grid will look like a patch of ordinary grass.

One thing to take into consideration when developing a parking lot design is that the commercial property owner will often be unable to re-stripe the parking spaces to allow for ADA accessible parking. A person should place up the appropriate signage to designate areas for accessible parking so that drivers will leave those spaces available for the disabled.

Get into the green movement when designing commercial parking lots with permeable paving solutions from TRUEGRID. With TRUEGRID permeable pavers installed, people will have better control of water runoff and drainage for a more sustainable parking lot surface. Contact TRUEGRID today to find out which of our paving solutions will work the best with the design of your parking lot.

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