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Permeable Pavement Helps To Replenish Local Water Sources

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When you hear of flooding or local drought conditions in your neighborhood, you can help with the water concerns by installing permeable pavement. This pavement option is becoming more ideal across the country instead of using concrete or asphalt paving for driveways, walkways and commercial parking lots. By expanding your knowledge about what permeable paving is and how it can help water issues, you and your neighbors can create a better environment.

What Is Permeable Pavement?

Pavement that is permeable means that it will allow water to become absorbed naturally into the ground. This pavement can consist of several different materials such as:

Pervious Concert: This concrete has holes and voids to allow water to reach the ground.

Paving Grids: Paving grids can be filled with gravel or allow the grass to grow up so the driveway looks like a lawn but is strong enough to support the weight of a vehicle.

Permeable Pavers: Permeable pavers are cut stone that sit on pervious material such as sand or gravel. Water can seep between the pavers and through the pervious material to reach the soil.

The type of permeable option for your pavement will depend on the cost, soil conditions, water table, climate, and aesthetic features. Let a paving company such as True Grid Paver evaluate your home and give you the best installation advice.

Raise Home Values And Help The Environment

While these permeable pavers do cost more to install, they help control flooding concerns. Instead of water sitting on the surface of the ground, pooling into large bodies of water that can flood roads, cause rivers to overflow banks and flood homes, the water is absorbed into the ground to fill up groundwater tables. In areas where drought conditions are a concern for local water reservoirs, this paving option can help your local water resources. You can also raise the value of your home with permeable pavement since you are addressing the possible flooding issue by installing these pavers to protect the home.

If you are worried about permeable materials, such as gravel, being washed away from your driveway by water or dispersed by car tires, you can use gravel stabilizer grids that allow the material to sit inside a plastic grid. This grid still allows water to pass through but will also keep the gravel in place.
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