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Find Parking Solutions That Suit Your Site

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Parking solutions are important because you need to make sure you actually provide people with a place to park. Whether you have a temporary event or a permanent site, people need a place to park without it being disruptive to the environment. There are more options available than parking directly on the grass because you don’t want heavy vehicles to get stuck in the dirt. You also don’t want to deal with concrete or any of the other materials that can be poured.

One of the better parking solutions is to use pervious pavers. Such a material allows stormwater runoff to flow through the paving solution so that the soil can benefit. It can also replenish the natural aquifers so you are not damaging the ecosystem in any way.

When you look at some of the parking solutions out there, they are going to erode over time. This is as a result of flooring, rainfall, and even vehicle and pedestrian traffic. When you utilize something that is permeable, you don’t run into the same problem.

You should also look at parking solutions that avoid a significant amount of wear and tear. Maintaining a parking lot can be expensive and this is likely an expense that you don’t want to incur. What you can do then is to focus on something that you can ultimately install and forget about. This allows you to choose a more sustainable option – and can even help you get LEED certification for being a leader in energy and environmental design.

Ultimately, you have to determine what’s important for your site. Look at where you are setting up your parking lot. Look at the vehicles and traffic that you will have on site. Then look at what environmental factors you are dealing with, such as areas that are privy to a lot of rainfall and flooding. You will need parking solutions that are conducive to all of these factors.

When you choose an eco-friendly design made from recycled plastic that is durable and UV stabilized, you won’t have the maintenance involved like you would with concrete and you get a design that is weighted so that even the heaviest of vehicles can park in your lot.

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