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Grass Reinforcement Grid Pavers are the Best Low-Traffic Paving Solution

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When it comes to paving small, residential areas, heavy-duty paving solutions aren’t always required. Instead of laying down expensive asphalt or concrete, it’s often a much more efficient idea to go with an alternative that’s both lightweight and cheaper to install. This doesn’t however, mean that you have to sacrifice durability or length-of-life when it comes to your paving solution.

In fact, there are asphalt and concrete paving alternatives that are just as, if not more, durable than your average concrete or asphalt pour. One of these is grass reinforcement mesh, which is a material used in place of typical asphalt or concrete parking lots. It’s able to withstand traffic and provide all of the other benefits of asphalt, but it doesn’t cost as much, is quicker to install, and it is better for the environment as well.

If you want to avoid the excess pollution, length of time to install, and the cost that comes with installing an asphalt or concrete parking lot in a residential, low-traffic area, let’s go over some of the reasons why a grass reinforcement grid should be something you seriously consider.

What is a Grass Reinforcement Mesh?

Simply put, grass protection mesh for parking is an alternative to asphalt or concrete parking lots. Both types of paving provide a solid surface with traction for vehicles to park and for people to walk upon. The difference between the two, though, is that a grass reinforcement grid covers much less surface area, and provides a natural outlet for rainwater and other liquids to pass right through it.

Average grass reinforcement mesh is made from plastic and can be rolled out or snapped into place via a series of interlocking grids. These types of paving solutions are typically employed in areas that aren’t going to see a lot of traffic and aren’t absolutely in need of the most professional look for their business.

That doesn’t mean that car parking on grass has to look tacky, however, and some brands like TRUEGRID offer grass protection mesh for parking that looks about as professional and stylish as anything else you’ll find.

One of the best things about using a grid or mesh is that it allows the grass beneath it to stay healthy and vibrant, providing aesthetic benefits to the owners and environmental benefits to the local area. It also eliminates the need for additional drainage and all the extra costs that come with installing it, as all liquids simply pass right through it into the ground where they can be naturally filtered. Or, it can pass into a liquid-detainment zone, if you so choose.

Who Has the Best Grass Parking Lot Products?

There are many companies out there who offer this type of product, but only a few of them like TRUEGRID are completely high-quality. TRUEGRID, for example, offers the highest-quality grass reinforcement mesh alternative for parking while also ensuring that their products are sustainably produced via environmentally friendly methods from creation to installation.

TRUEGRID PRO LITE is a grass reinforcement grid that is made from 100% recycled plastic. It’s incredibly durable and will stand up to low levels of traffic for a very long time with almost no maintenance required. It also doesn’t require any stakes or clips to keep it secured to the ground, as this is achieved via an X-anchor system built into the product.

Thousands of customers have had TRUEGRID PRO LITE installed across a variety of different environments, all with a consistent level of satisfaction and success. It features compression strength that’s best-in-class and is stronger than competing products like rollout pavers or geogrid mesh. It’s runner and bike-friendly, and H20 and HS20 + rated as well for vehicular loads of all types

This product is superior to most others on the market because it will work in any climate or soil-type, and it works as a soil stabilizer. It’s also extremely resistant to petroleum products that come off our vehicles -oils, gasoline, antifreeze and coolants- as well as chemical pollutants from fertilizers.

TRUEGRID PRO-LITE is the Best Grass Parking Solution

Grass reinforcement grids are beneficial for anyone looking to save time and money on paving. In low-traffic areas such as driveways, pool skirts, walking, running, or biking trails, cart paths, pedestrian areas and more, you should consider using TRUEGRID PRO LITE. When it comes to functionality, durability, cost-efficiency, and versatility, it’s hard to beat this product. You may even come to find that you enjoy the look of this grass parking mesh more than asphalt or concrete paving solutions.

There’s no reason to overpay while paving a low-traffic area, especially when it’s going to come with recurring costs, and isn’t completely necessary. Instead, make your life easier by switching to grass protection mesh for parking like the kind offered by TRUEGRID. It will save you money upfront, is better for the environment, and will prevent you from having to spend even more money on costly drainage systems to accompany an expensive concrete or asphalt install.

As far as small, moderate to low traffic areas are concerned, you can meet all of your paving needs while making the more fiscally-responsible choice to go with grass reinforcement mesh of the highest-quality, such as TRUEGRID PRO LITE.


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