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These Grasscrete Alternatives are Far Superior Paving Options

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Paving has seen some significant innovations over the past few decades. We are no longer limited to the use of concrete and asphalt when it comes to paving parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, fire lanes, roads, and more. With new options such as Grasscrete, we can make less of a negative impact on the environment while providing our customers, friends, and family with perfectly functional and reliable places to park. These permeable paving options are durable, versatile, eco-friendly, and cost-effective.

Grasscrete Alternatives

New advancements have already been made with permeable pavers that far surpass what traditional Grasscrete has to offer. There are currently Grasscrete alternatives on the market that are superior in a variety of different ways. 

Permeable pavers are no doubt the future of paving, so if you are considering having Grasscrete pavers installed at your home or place of business, let’s take a look at some Grasscrete alternatives that you might want to consider instead:


For those of you looking for residential Grasscrete alternatives, TRUE GRID PRO LITE permeable pavers are the best available. Perfectly designed for residential use, these pavers are able to handle moderate traffic and vehicle loads. 

Despite being designed for residential use, these pavers are still extremely durable and able to withstand a lot of force. Their super compression strength combined with serious flexibility is the perfect combination for lightweight pavers.

This product is eco-friendly across every step of the supply chain, making it more environmentally friendly than other options such as Grasscrete. These pavers hug the earth to work well with gravel or grass. Their strength and supreme quality come from multiple factors such as the X-anchor and flexible joints found in every grid. The hoop strength design, 3-point locking tabs, and the high-impact recycled polymer are all important design elements as well. 

Another aspect of these pavers which makes them superior to Grasscrete is the fact that they are incredibly easy to install. So easy, in fact, that you could make their installation into a family DIY project. TRUEGRID PRO LITE pavers work well in any climate or soil type and can be saw-cut to work around trees and curves. It’s a soil stabilizer and is also very resistant to acids, salt, gasoline, ammonia, oils, and alcohol. 

The circular elements of TRUEGRID PRO LITE pavers allow for multi-directional shear and crush strength, and the built in X-anchors eliminate the need for extra staking because they allow the filler to hold the grids down easily.

The uses of this product are many, and include the paving of patios, dog trails, pedestrian areas, parking lots, driveways, cart paths, event parking, pool skirts, hot tub pads, community green-space, and more. They also work well for erosion control and allow you to retain water in a sub-base. 

2. Pervious Concrete

While this option isn’t as nearly as environmentally-friendly as TRUEGRID pavers or Grasscrete, it’s still a better alternative to Grasscrete in some ways, with style being the biggest. While permeable pavers look relatively professional compared to asphalt and concrete parking lots, they look much better than Grasscrete. Grasscrete should really only be an option if you aren’t worried about the aesthetics of your paved surface at all.

Pervious concrete and asphalt are good options for those who highly prioritize the look of their paved surfaces. They allow water and liquids to pass right through them, but still look exactly like asphalt or concrete. They can be expensive to install and maintain though, so they are only a good choice if you can afford them.


Again, TRUEGRID makes the top of the list for its superior sourcing methods and higher-quality performance. Both Grasscrete and TRUEGRID pavers are superior to regular asphalt and concrete, but TRUEGRID PRO PLUS pavers are a step above the rest, especially when it comes to commercial Grasscrete alternatives. 

While the PRO LITE pavers are an excellent choice for residential applications, the PRO PLUS pavers are perfect for commercial use. Whether you want to pave your parking lot or provide an area for heavy vehicle traffic anywhere around your business, these pavers outperform Grasscrete across the board. They are nearly maintenance-free and feature deep cells that eliminate the possibility of gravel migration.

They can also be complemented with parking markers which are easy to see and come in both yellow and reflective red colors. PRO PLUS pavers require no stakes or clips and will perform with virtually no maintenance for over 25 to 60 years. RV pads, sports venues, construction site entrances, storage lots, equipment lots, parking lots, drive lanes, auto lots, fire lanes, truck yards, event centers and more can all be paved with PRO PLUS pavers from TRUEGRID.

Grasscrete is a Thing of the Past

Contractor standing on TRUEGRID while sodding grass

Grasscrete served its purpose when it first came around, but if you’re going with permeable paving nowadays, you’d be foolish not to give some of the Grasscrete alternatives on our list a try. If you’re an advocate for the environment and a fan of cheaper, more durable paving solutions, TRUEGRID pavers are the answer. 

To find out more about how you can incorporate TRUEGRID pavers into your design, contact a professional today.

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