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Best Solution: Permeable Grids Using New Grass Paving Methods to Control Storm Water Run Off and Erosion Control

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Are you looking for an environmentally conscious solution for grass paving in a green construction environment? Going green is NOT always more expensive. Using a highly permeable, flood control product like True Grid, is 1/3 to 1/2 the installed price of asphalt or concrete. What you get is a 100 percent recycled plastic grid product that is simple to install with weight-bearing loads in excess of six tons per square foot. This parking lot pavement design is applicable to oil and gas heavy rigging trucks, construction sites, storage areas for large equipment, heavily trafficked areas, roads, fire roads, residences, pathways, flood areas, and erosion control sites.

Water run-off from oil and gas production sites, college campus car maintenance sites and other companies, sensitive to keeping water runoff controlled, sanitized and returned to the natural environment safely, use TRUEGRID grass paving to capture runoff and filter the rain and storm-flood water before it seeps back into the water table.

All industries from construction to private builders can do their part to use eco-friendly options for controlling the negative water run-off pollutant effect and “heat island” effects of asphalt and concrete. Not only by reducing the heat island effects of city buildings, parking lots and super-sized arenas and stadiums, college campuses and industrial parks, but protect rural and urban environments as well by using True Grid grass pavers and water conservation methods with gravel pavers as well.

Any school or soccer field, overflow parking area or other areas subject to muddy conditions, transformed into an easily accessible, flood-free area with permeable grass pavers or gravel pavers using the True Grid run-off controlled methods.

TRUEGRID is honored that their permeable grass pavers and gravel pavers are conservation products listed by the highly respectable Green Spec Listed agency that informs progressive thinking industries and all environmentally conscious construction firms of eco-friendly green building materials that they recommend.

Research findings show that this grass paving system is 99 percent stormwater permeable, grid systems have been used for governmental properties, drill sites, heavy equipment storage, and truck yards and emergency vehicle access ways. Contact True Grid at 1.855.355.4743 for muddy parking lot solutions and problems such as erosion control and slide prevention.

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