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Ground Reinforcement Provides A Stable Surface For Vehicles

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The moment when a person sees a rut or dip in their driveway, lawn or parking lot, they immediately go for a temporary solution of replacing the soil or gravel instead of investing in ground reinforcement. Perhaps the person believes the temporary solution is more cost-effective, or they believe there is nothing that they can do to prevent the ruts and dips from forming. Yet there are products on the market that can promote soil growth, allow water to become absorbed into the ground, and are strong enough to support heavy vehicles.

Permeable Paving Surfaces The Solution For Soil Erosion

One of the main causes of dips and ruts in the ground is caused by soil erosion. The erosion may occur when heavy foot or vehicle traffic over the soil erodes it away. Another major factor is water runoff. When water runoff goes across a surface, it erodes the soil away to create dips and ruts in the road and landscape.

While adding soil or mulch, or land shaping the area works for certain instances, it doesn’t normally work for driveways, parking lots and lawns. Instead, ground reinforcement is one way to build up the surface without regularly adding more soil, gravel or an impervious material such as asphalt. This reinforcement consists of permeable pavement surfaces such as recycled plastic grids and pavers used to control water runoff and soil erosion.

Plastic grids are placed into the ground. These grids have openings that can be filled with gravel or grass. The grids keep the gravel or grass in place as the water passes through the openings and into the ground. Meanwhile, vehicles can drive over the surface without dispersing the gravel or sinking in the soft earth.

Permeable paving is the most cost-effective product on the market today to address water runoff. Prevent ground erosion from happening to driveways, roads, lawns, parking lots, recreational areas, and commercial landscaping by adopting ground reinforcement products that can help the environment. For more information about these products, contact True Grid Paver. We can determine the correct placement of pavers to address ruts, gullies, and dips in the ground to maximize the effectiveness of the pavers and control the water runoff so people and vehicles have a stable surface to walk or drive across.

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