Concrete vs. Asphalt Driveway: The Difference and a Surprising Alternative

If you’re considering a new driveway or parking lot for your home or business, you want to select a material that will provide durability, beauty, and be environmentally-friendly. There’s an ongoing debate between concrete and asphalt driveways, with each having their unique strengths and drawbacks. In this article, we’ll consider the pros and cons of […]

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The Permeable Paving Installation Guide: 8 Steps to a Successful Installation

In the world of eco-friendly infrastructure, the installation of permeable paving has emerged as a hero in modern construction. It helps reduce water runoff and promotes environmental sustainability. Installing permeable pavers is a meticulous process that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to sustainable land usage and water management. What does it […]

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The Best Campground Paving Solutions

A flourishing campground attracts an array of outdoor enthusiasts, and provides them a unique connection with nature. However, maintaining the infrastructure of these spaces, particularly the groundwork, is essential to guarantee a safe, accessible, and eco-friendly environment. One vital aspect of this infrastructure is the foundation under our feet – the pavement. In this article, […]

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4 Horse Barn Design Ideas and a Fantastic Material for Flooring

Owning horses is an incredibly rewarding experience. Whether you’re breeding them, using them for farm work, or you just enjoy raising them, being around these majestic animals on a daily basis is simply good for the soul. Depending on how many horses you have, the weather in your location, and the layout of your property, […]

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How to Blend Landscape Architecture and Parking Lot Design

Parking lots are more than just a place for people to park. They provide an opportunity to change up the aesthetic of your business, add natural drainage and shade, and improve your overall level of eco-friendliness if you choose the right materials to build with. The architecture you include in your parking lot design, for […]

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How to Design a Better RV Park

An RV park can be a profitable venture if you play your cards right. The main determining factor in how successful your RV park is, is how it’s designed. RV park design encompasses a lot of things, from location to parking pad dimensions, weather, adherence to regulatory codes, cost, upkeep, amenities, and more. 5 Features […]

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How to Prevent Parking Lot Flooding

If you’ve ever had to design a parking lot or have one installed somewhere, you know drainage is almost always a large part of the process. Parking lots are often made from impermeable materials like asphalt and concrete, which means that they do not let water pass through them and require additional measures to deal […]

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