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Project Spotlight: Garfield County Fueling Station

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In the small town of Rifle, CO, the Garfield County fueling station was dealing with a big problem. The gravel used to pave their fueling station couldn’t handle the weight of constant traffic from big trucks. The constant braking and turning of the trucks was causing the gravel to spread, get muddy, and rut.

This is a common occurrence with unstabilized gravel, but rather than simply pave the fueling station area with asphalt, River City consultants decided to opt for an alternative solution. They determined that asphalt would not stand up well enough to the pressures of big trucks, and concrete was out of their budget. Besides that, both asphalt and concrete would require maintenance and produce runoff from stormwater.

After contacting TRUEGRID about using PRO PLUS® pavers to pave the area, the fueling station received a complete overhaul. 23,550 sq ft of TRUEGRID PRO PLUS® pavers were installed at the fueling station. They were installed over a 6-inch sub-base filled with CDOT class 6 aggregate, and the empty pavers were filled in with ⅜” screened rock at a depth of 1.8”.

Garfield County was incredibly pleased with the results. TRUEGRID was able to save them $12,000 on the fueling station alone by using permeable plastic pavers instead of concrete. Now they have a fueling station that will never rut, hold standing water, or washboard.

Buoyed by the outcome of the fueling station project, the county decided to install TRUEGRID another 22,000 sq ft of PRO PLUS® pavers in its fairgrounds. The tractor-trailer staging and parking area also needed new paving and was originally slated for an asphalt installation. By selecting TRUEGRID pavers instead, they were able to save another $11,000.

The amount of money Garfield County was able to save by utilizing TRUEGRID permeable pavers is incredible, but not surprising. Equally as impressive, however, was the positive environmental impact this massive project was able to generate. Nearly 135 tons of CO2 were saved, which is equivalent to planting about 28,400 new trees. There were also over 60,000 lbs. of plastic saved, which is equivalent to about 455,000 plastic jugs.

In addition, the 88,488 gallons of stormwater they are now able to detain is equal to 2,212 large bathtubs full of water. When you consider what kind of runoff and erosion that much water falling on asphalt would generate in a short period of time, it’s extremely beneficial that TRUEGRID pavers were able to help prevent it.

TRUEGRID is Ideal for Fueling Stations

The heavier-duty pavers that TRUEGRID produces are the perfect solution for any fueling station. Gravel, asphalt, and concrete are basically the only other viable options for a fueling station, and none of them are ideal.

Asphalt isn’t strong enough to handle the kind of weight, pressure, and traffic that comes through a fueling station. It will break down quickly and need costly repairs. Concrete is able to hold up better, but is very expensive and also will require costly maintenance in the future.

Unstabilized gravel is as cheap as it gets but the frequent maintenance of a gravel lot adds up. The amount of time and man-hours wasted in constantly tending to it makes it an unwise choice as well. TRUEGRID pavers have the incredible durability needed to handle the needs of a fueling station over the long-term.

Not only that, but TRUEGRID pavers are so resilient they require almost zero maintenance throughout their lifetime. They’re also strong enough to handle the weight of a daily 18 wheeler traffic. The installation process is also much faster than that of concrete or asphalt.

You could be waiting weeks or months for a big asphalt or concrete install, but TRUEGRID pavers can be installed in a mere fraction of that time. The 100% recycled plastic used in the production of TRUEGRID pavers is eco-friendly. There’s no need for sloping, added drainage, or detention ponds when the pavement itself has built-in drainage.

All of this adds up to massive savings across the board, and installing TRUEGRID now will put you in a position to reap the benefits for decades to come. If you need to pave a large area or an area that sees a lot of heavy traffic, there’s no question that TRUEGRID permeable pavers are the best choice you could make. Not only are they durable, permeable, eco-friendly, and affordable, but they also look very professional and clean.

Don’t burden yourself with an expensive asphalt or concrete install that’s going to drain your finances long into the future when you could get all the same benefits for a fraction of the overall cost.

Contact TRUEGRID pavers today for a set-it-and-forget-it solution to all of your paving needs.

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