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Reduce the Need for Dust Palliatives with Permeable Pavers

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Dust on construction sites and large commercial lots can cause many different problems for everyone working in the area. Work sites often see a lot of dirt and pulverized gravel, and the amount of dust that kicks up into the air from heavy vehicles and foot traffic can become so great that it impairs vision and breathing, making the entire site a health hazard. 

There are a variety of different methods to control dust, plain water being the most common. Dust palliatives, however, are also frequently used to combat dust in areas where it is really bad or where construction work is expected to last for an extended period of time. 

Dust might be dangerous, but dust palliatives have their own set of dangers to be concerned about. In order to bring you up to speed on dust palliatives and why you should look to reduce their usage, let’s take a look at some common dust palliatives and how you can take measures to replace them on your commercial lot or construction site.

The Downsides of Chemical Dust Control

Dust palliatives aren’t just more expensive and time-consuming to apply than water or dust control alternatives, they are often harmful to the environment. Dust palliatives are often absorbed by nearby plants, which then are consumed by animals that are consumed by humans. They also frequently make their way into local water systems, lakes, and rivers. 

Once the dust palliative begins to dry out and become less effective, the dust that it’s been applied to becomes even more dangerous once it starts getting into the air again, due to the chemicals.

Commonly Used Dust Control Agents


Lignins are a commonly used dust palliative derived from plants and trees. The glue that keeps plants and trees together is also useful for making dust stick to itself and stay on the ground. Lignins are eco-friendly for the most part, but they can have additional harmful chemicals added to them that may not be desirable for plants, animals, or humans to ingest 

Magnesium Chloride

Another commonly used dust palliative is magnesium chloride. This substance is a salt which is naturally biodegradable. It can work for controlling dust on a very short-term basis but it ultimately comes with the same downsides that all dust palliatives do. It’s not ideal for it to be permeating the soil or entering nearby water or being around living creatures. It can also be costly to continue applying it as needed over an extended time-frame. 

A Superior Alternative to Chemical Dust Control

One method for controlling dust that doesn’t involve the use of chemical palliatives is to use permeable pavers. Plastic permeable pavement can be quickly snapped into place and filled with aggregate for a much more cost-effective and long-term dust control solution. 

TRUEGRID permeable pavers are made from 100% recycled plastic and allow water to pass directly through them. They control dust by locking large pieces of aggregate such as gravel, into place, preventing it from becoming pulverized or ground into dust. 

This solution can be implemented throughout an entire construction site in less than a day, and just as quickly disassembled if necessary. TRUEGRID permeable pavers are better at providing dust control, they don’t affect the environment negatively in any way, and they are more cost-effective than reapplying chemical agents. 

It is less of a dust control method and more of a dust elimination method, effectively reducing the airborne dust on a site to an almost non-existent level. Construction site workers find it much less of a hassle to spend a handful of hours installing TRUEGRID pavers, than they do constantly having to reapply dust palliatives. There is almost no maintenance required once the pavers have been installed and they will continue preventing airborne dust as long as they are there.

Permeable Pavers are a “Set it and Forget it” Solution to Worksite Dust

Instead of subjecting yourself or your employees with constantly reapplying potentially harmful dust palliatives to your entire worksite or commercial lot, consider switching to a more effective and eco-friendly solution. Permeable pavers, made in the U.S.A.,  by TRUEGRID are much more cost-effective and safe. 

They allow for the natural flow of liquids directly through them where they can be filtered by the soil, as intended. They also provide a highly durable and stable surface to drive and walk on, able to handle even the heaviest vehicle with ease. 

For a dust control method that only needs to be applied once and will nearly eliminate airborne dust without any maintenance required, permeable pavers from TRUEGRID are the best option. Contact a paving expert at TRUEGRID today for more information on how to set up your permeable paving lot.

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