Patio Paving Kits: Why You'd Love Permeable Pavers in 2024

3 Reasons Why Permeable Pavers Are the Best Option for Patio Paving Kits

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Patios are all the rage nowadays, and with so much emphasis being placed on home renovations lately, patios remain one of the most popular home improvement projects you could complete.

One of the things that make patios so great is that they’re incredibly customizable and you can create a unique patio that stands out from your neighbors with ease. In fact, the number of patio materials to choose from is so vast it can be hard to choose, that’s where patio kits come in.

Patio kits are pre-packaged kits with all the supplies you need to create a DIY patio in your yard. They can come with any number of different types of patio layouts and are generally the quickest way to install a patio.

In case you’re looking for a great patio kit to install as the weather warms up, let’s take a look at patio kits and why permeable pavers are the best type of kit to use.

Why Use a Patio Kit?


Patio kits are the perfect choice for a first-time DIY project or just a super fast install, in general. Installing one of these paving patio kits is a great choice if you’ve prioritized price, simplicity, and speed in your patio installation.

When sourcing all your patio materials separately, there’s a lot that goes into it. If you’re hiring professionals to build it, you need to call and get a quote on the price of the overall project. If you’re sourcing all the materials yourself, you’ll need to run through an entire checklist of things you need to install your patio properly.

Then, you’ll have to install the patio without any set list of instructions. Doing the labor yourself can lead to the project taking a lot longer than it should, and you may even end up with some surplus supplies.

What Type of Patio Kit is Best?

Patio kits can be found in any common paving material you can think of, and come in an endless variety of colors and shapes. The stones themselves can be shaped any which way and can even have different engravings or graphics printed on them.

However, paving stones are not the best material for patio paving kits, especially if you’re looking for cheap patio paving kits that will last a long time. Paving stones and bricks are not a great option.

These materials need to be resealed every so often and are prone to temperature extremes, cracking, and chipping. Not only that, but circle patio paving kits made from primarily brick and/or stone are more expensive than ones made from a superior material like TRUEGRID permeable pavers.

What Makes TRUEGRID Pavers the Best Option for a Patio Kit?

1. Eco-Friendliness

TRUEGRID PRO LITE and TRUEGRID PRO PLUS pavers are perfect for garden patio kits or any other type of patio you want to build for a variety of reasons. For starters, they are made from 100%-recycled plastic, making them one of the most eco-friendly patio kits on the market.

2. Permeability

Patio paving kits made from TRUEGRID permeable pavers are also 98%-permeable, meaning they will drain stormwater directly through their surface and into the ground below. This keeps erosion and flooding from occurring, and can extend the lifespan of your TRUEGRID patio up to 60 years before needing replacement.

3. Ease of Installation

TRUEGRID permeable pavers are also the best patio paving kits because of how easy they are to install. With other materials, you’ll likely need many different pieces of equipment and other things to complete the job, but not with TRUEGRID pavers.

All it takes to install circle patio paving kits and other types of patios with TRUEGRID pavers is a basic excavation of about 12 inches. Once the excavation is complete, a piece of fabric is laid at the bottom of the pit to prevent gravel migration. Then, the empty pit is filled with gravel and compacted until level with the ground.

Next, the empty TRUEGRID pavers are snapped into place over the top and filled with gravel before being driven over with a vehicle or heavy roller. Once the gravel has been compressed into the surface of the pavers, the installation process is completed.

The Best DIY Patio Kit is Made from TRUEGRID Pavers

If you want the easiest patio kit to install without having to sacrifice style, permeability, eco-friendliness, or durability, TRUEGRID permeable plastic pavers should be your go-to choice for paving material. These pavers snap together like LEGO blocks and can be installed in less than a day in most cases.

If you’re looking for one of the longest-lasting, low-maintenance, permeable patio paving kits out there, don’t hesitate to call TRUEGRID today and get in touch with a pavement professional for a free quote.

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