Modern Permeable Driveway: 3 Stunning Ideas in 2024

3 Ideas for a Modern Permeable Driveway

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Permeability is defined as the ability of a surface to allow liquid to pass through it. This quality is especially desirable in driveways and paved areas where water might otherwise runoff to the sides or pool in low places.

Permeable driveways are one of the most popular trends in home design right now, especially as eco-friendliness takes new precedent among homebuyers. Most driveways are made from asphalt or concrete and are almost universally impermeable as a result, however, many materials can be used to create a permeable driveway.

In case you’d like a driveway with a built-in drainage system, let’s look at a few modern ideas for how you can accomplish this:

1. Paving Stones

If you like the look of concrete pavers, natural stone pavers, or some other type of impermeable pavers, using a paving stone driveway is a great way to implement permeability.

A modern permeable driveway made from paving stones laid over a bed of gravel is an excellent way to help with water drainage. The cracks between your paving stones can be filled with sand or pebbles and this is where the water will drain into and through the subsurface bed of gravel.

Although certain paving stones can be expensive like natural stone pavers, others like concrete can be a little cheaper. Maintenance on permeable driveways made from paving stones can be extensive, though. First, the cracks between the pavers must be kept clear of debris if you want to facilitate the flow of stormwater.

Also, the pavers themselves need to be resealed every 5 years or so to prevent water from penetrating them. Paving stones are usually pretty susceptible to weather extremes and vulnerable to chipping and cracking as well.

2. Gravel Pavers

Loose gravel is a popular option for permeable driveways, but modern permeable driveways require a little more. Permeable plastic pavers like the kind made by TRUEGRID are the perfect solution for adding permeability.

Not only do these pavers provide a level, stable place to drive and park, they are 98%- permeable. Also, you don’t have to worry about gravel migration or maintenance. A driveway made from TRUEGRID PRO LITE and TRUEGRID PRO PLUS pavers can last up to 60 years with almost no maintenance required.

These pavers are also durable enough to handle the weight of a falling monster truck without breaking. Made from 100%-recycled plastic and impervious to UV-rays, weather extremes, insects, rotting, warping, and other common causes of deterioration, TRUEGRID permeable pavers are the best choice for stabilizing a gravel driveway.

Not only can the installation process for modern permeable driveways made from TRUEGRID pavers be completed in less than a day in most cases, there’s a ton of stylistic versatility available as well. You can use a wide range of different-colored gravel or pebbles to fill the surface level of your driveway, allowing for a creative, yet clean-cut look if you want it.

3. Stabilized Grass

Not every driveway has to involve rocks, asphalt, or concrete. Take modern permeable driveways made from TRUEGRID ROOT pavers, for instance. These pavers are made from 100%-recycled plastic and are just as long-lasting as the other pavers offered by TRUEGRID.

The installation process is incredibly simple, with the pavers simply being rolled over the ground and driven over to compress them into the dirt. After installation has been completed, your grass will grow through the pavers and render your driveway invisible if you let it get long enough.

The resulting stabilized grass area will be able to handle vehicle traffic without rutting or shifting. It will also be almost completely permeable. This is one of the most popular new permeable driveway ideas as of late because of what it allows you to do stylistically with your driveway.

As previously stated, you could opt for an invisible driveway if you choose, or you could simply stabilize part of your driveway with TRUEGRID ROOT pavers and pave the other parts of it with stone pavers, gravel, asphalt, or concrete.

Build the Best Modern Pervious Driveway with TRUEGRID

Permeability is a major benefit if you’re building a new driveway. Even in areas not known for major storms and flooding, having a modern permeable driveway can help lower maintenance requirements, prevent erosion, and lengthen the lifespan of your driveway.

There are plenty of materials you can use to build a permeable driveway with, like loose gravel and paving stones, but nothing stacks up to a permeable driveway made with TRUEGRID pavers. Whether you want a stabilized gravel driveway, a stabilized grass driveway, or some combination of both, you’re in good hands with TRUEGRID pavers.

If you want one of the most durable, stylish, eco-friendly, and low-maintenance permeable driveways around, call TRUEGRID today to get in touch with a pavement professional for a quote.

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