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How Much Does It Cost to Gravel a Driveway?

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If you’re looking to build a driveway, there are many options available when it comes to materials. From asphalt, concrete, gravel, and various other types of materials, you have plenty of choices to pick from.

Gravel is a driveway material that people like to use for a variety of reasons. Gravel is cheap, it can be quickly installed, and can be relatively low-maintenance depending on how it’s installed. There are, however, a couple of different ways to install gravel and they differ in many areas, especially the cost.

In case you’re looking to build a gravel driveway, let’s go through a comprehensive breakdown of exactly how much it’s going to cost :

How Much Does Gravel Cost?

If you’re wondering how much it costs to gravel a driveway, the answer is not very much. Gravel is one of the cheapest paving materials available. Since it consists of many small pieces of rock, it costs next to nothing to produce, and the low cost is passed on the consumer in the form of dirt-cheap prices.

Gravel is usually sold by the cubic foot, so the question of cost to put in a gravel driveway will usually net you an answer in price per cubic foot. Gravel is sometimes sold by the ton, though, and even less frequently by square foot.

The cost to build a gravel driveway in square feet is about $0.50 to $2.00 per sq ft;by cubic yard is about $40 to $55; and by the ton is about $50 to $65.

However, different types of gravel have varying prices, and the cost of delivery and labor may be factored in as well, depending on where and how you source your gravel. For materials, delivery, and spreading, the cost to have a gravel driveway installed is around $60 per cubic yard. If you purchase the gravel on your own but hire laborers to spread it, the average hourly wage is $40 to $50.

The size of your driveway is directly related to the cost of installing a gravel driveway, in addition to material prices.

For instance, the following examples are the cost by cubic yard, in loose gravel only:

$31 – $178 – Arizona gravel

$96 – $140 – Black gravel (lava rock)

$74 – $155 – Bluestone gravel

$15 – $25 – Class 5 sand and gravel

$16 – $75 – Crushed concrete

$35 – 54 – Crushed limestone

$35 – $80 – Crushed marble

$14 -$120 – Crushed shells gravel

$51 to $54 – Crusher run gravel

$38 – $75 – Decomposed granite

$30 – $70 – Drainage rock

$29 – $86 – Pea gravel

$60 – $90 – Pebble mix

$100-$150 – Quartz gravel

$25 – $50 – Recycled and crushed asphalt

$47 – $70 – River rock

$25 – $33 – Road base gravel

$38 – $62 – SB2 sub-base gravel

$10 – $25 – Screening or stone dust

$28 – $85 – Shale

$35 – $80 – Slate Chips

$35 – $54 – Steel slag rock gravel

$75 – $129 – White gravel

How Much Do Permeable Pavers with Gravel Cost?

Permeable pavers are the more favorable way to install gravel. They stabilize the gravel and protect it from getting easily crushed. TRUEGRID permeable paver driveways are an excellent drainage system for stormwater, with a 8 to 12 nch sub-base beneath the surface. They’re made from 100%-recycled plastic and they are incredibly durable.

The independent labor pricing for gravel delivery and spreading remains the same, the cost of having professionals install permeable grid pavers filled with gravel is starts about $8 to 10 per sq ft.

TRUEGRID PRO LITE pavers come in packs of 18, and will cover 72 sq. ft. per pack. Each pack of Pro Lite pavers costs $187. TRUEGRID PRO PLUS pavers are made for heavier vehicles and come in packs of 10, covering a total of 40 sq. ft. per pack. Pro Plus pavers cost $156 per pack. Larger areas including parking lots or very large driveways can be shipped palletized.

TRUEGRID is the Best Choice for Building Driveways Out of Gravel

The extra cost of installing a gravel driveway with TRUEGRID permeable pavers is well worth it, saving you money on maintenance throughout the lifetime of your driveway. They also provide value by eliminating driveway flooding and lasting over 46 years with almost no maintenance required.

If you want to build the highest-quality gravel driveway imaginable, call TRUEGRID today to get in touch with a pavement specialist for a free quote.


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