Find Out The Best Gravel Driveway Underlayment Options

The Best Underlayment Options for a Gravel Driveway

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For many homeowners, gravel driveways are a favorite choice for parking their vehicles. Not only is gravel relatively inexpensive compared to other types of driveway materials, it’s also available in many different styles and can be very durable when combined with the right type of underlayment.

There are many types of gravel driveway underlayment you can use to help stabilize your gravel, and underlayment is a far better option than simply using loose gravel. There are so many different choices available when it comes to gravel underlayment, however, that it can be hard to settle on a final selection.

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. In case you’re looking to build a gravel driveway and are undecided on how to stabilize it, here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of a few different types of popular driveway underlayments:

The Benefits of a Driveway Underlayment

A driveway underlayment fabric between your driveway gravel and the earth beneath it helps to prevent the growth of weeds from below and the spread of gravel, first and foremost. Gravel spread is the number one problem with loose gravel driveways and the right underlayment can help mitigate or prevent it from happening entirely, which is also why builders use gravel road underlayment as well.

Underlayment can also help to prevent ruts and divots from developing in your driveway, because they make it harder or in some cases, impossible for vehicle traffic to cause bare spots which then erode away into ruts and divots under repeated traffic.

The Best Drive Underlayment Choices

Weed barrier fabric is an affordable option that can works to stop unwanted growth but doesnt help much for grave spread or loose gravel. It does provide a barrier between the gravel and underlying soli to reduce mud from working its way up. It works with primarily small gravel. Although it’s not the best underlayment for a rock driveway with larger, sharp stones because it can tear easily, it can work in limited capacity with small, rounded gravel to prevent weeds from growing up through your driveway. It’s also semi-permeable and will allow water to seep through, though flooding is still possible with heavy rainfall.

Geotextile fabric is a favorite among homeowners looking for the best underlayment for gravel driveway because unlike weed barrier fabric, it’s specifically designed to stabilize gravel and bear heavy loads. Though not as durable as pavers,nor does it stop gravel from spreading, geotextile fabric can even be used on its own to stabilize earth and loose soil. It can also be used in conjunction with gravel and is typically more permeable than weed barrier fabric.

TRUEGRID Works Best for Stabilizing Gravel Driveways

One option that most homeowners find superior to even the best gravel driveway underlayment fabric is TRUEGRID pavers. TRUEGRID PRO and TRUEGRID PRO PLUS pavers are perfect for stabilizing gravel and providing a durable, level surface that will never develop ruts, divots, or bare spots. Though a piece of fabric is laid at the bottom of your excavated driveway before the gravel is poured in, the lion’s share of the functionality comes from the permeable plastic pavers themselves.

The fabric at the bottom keeps the gravel from migrating into the soil below and acts as a weed block as well. The interlocking grid pavers snapped over the full gravel pit keep the gravel locked firmly in place. Gravel is also poured and spread into the empty cells on the surface of the pavers. This provides the best possible way to eliminate gravel maintenance and stops the loss or spread of gravel.The TRUEGRID system is 100 % permeable , so no more puddles or ponding in your driveway, and is strong enough for any type of cars or trucks and will outlast asphalt and concrete. .

Made from 100%-recycled plastic, TRUEGRID pavers are eco-friendly and permeable enough to handle a heavy downpour of rain without flooding. They utilize hard, angular gravel as a drainage method and are compatible with many different types and colors of gravel, allowing for maximum stylistic versatility.

Durable enough to handle the full weight of a monster truck jumping off a ramp and landing on them, or 18 wheeler traffic, TRUEGRID plastic pavers will last you more than 60 years They also require no or minimal maintenance throughout their lifetime.

The permeable pavers produced by TRUEGRID are immune to damage from both cold and hot temperature fluctuations, can be used in any climate or soil and are UV protected as well.They do not stain like concrete or asphalt for auto fluids or leaks..

These pavers work especially well for driveways with any amount of slope to them, unlike most driveway underlayment fabric alone which cannot fully prevent the spread of gravel when working against gravity. The installation process is also just as quick as it is with most underlayment fabrics, taking less than a day to complete in most cases.

Stabilize your Gravel Driveway with a Professional-Grade Product

TRUEGRID pavers can be used to build parking lots, walkways, fire lanes, and driveways. Why bother using a cheap underlayment like a weed barrier fabric or even a geotextile underlayment when you could implement permeable plastic pavers?

TRUEGRID pavers provide higher quality durability and permeability while also having lower maintenance needs and more stylistic variety as well. If you want to stabilize your gravel like the pros do, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a pavement specialist at TRUEGRID today.

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