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Harvey and a year of action.

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A year ago, on August 25, 2017 Hurricane Harvey hit. 

Over a 50,000 square mile area, Harvey dropped upwards of 16.6 trillion gallons of water which could supply the entire US water needs for 280 days and fill Lake Conroe 116 times, according to HCFCD reports. One day rainfall amounts up to 25 inches and 4 day amounts up to 47 inches caused widespread devastation that many are still recovering from. Harvey is estimated to be the second costliest storm in American history with an estimated $125 billion in damage.

City planners, engineers, and homeowners are making changes in stormwater management. One part of the solution is the use of TRUEGRID permeable pavers that absorb heavy rains instantly and detain stormwater under the surface.

In the past year over 1 million sf of TRUEGRID has been installed in the Houston area to help mitigate flooding.

From large-scale multi-acre parking lots to school parking lots to restaurant parking to driveways, TRUEGRID is being used to help reduce runoff.

Here are a few photos and an audio testimonial from one business owner describing how permeable paving helped save his new business from flood damage

Listen to the audio testimonial from the business owner of Spring Street Beer and Wine Garden as he describes his experience with TRUEGRID Pavers during Hurricane Harvey.

Permeable Pavers

TRUEGRID permeable pavers not only combat flooding but can also be a great way to save money. Permeable paving is a key tool of Low Impact Development design and is encouraged by cities coast-to-coast.

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