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St. Arnoldville Beer Garden & Restaurant is now open!

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St. Arnoldville Beer Garden & Restaurant is now open!

Five years ago, the first TRUEGRID permeable paver lot was installed at the St. Arnold Brewery in Houston. Six months later a second lot was added. And last month, a new 40,000 TRUEGRID lot opened with the new internationally celebrated beer garden and restaurant.

St. Arnold chose TRUEGRID on this site for two reasons: 
  1. Low cost
  2. A natural aesthetic that stays cooler with gravel-filled TRUEGRID.

A compacted gravel-only lot was rejected due to mud, dust and maintenance. Concrete was rejected due to cost. And asphalt is just plain hot and ugly.

 Thank you St. Arnold Brewery for the biz and the beer! Cheers!

Click the video below to watch a testimonial from
Brock Waggoner, founder & CEO of St Arnold Brewery

TRUEGRID Permeable Pavers also offers an
AIA CEU accredited Lunch & Learn. 
The L&L educates on leading edge commercial permeable paving and Low Impact storm water management. To request more information click here.


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