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The Easiest Way to Design a Church Parking Lot

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The Easiest Way to Design a Church Parking Lot

A church is typically a place where quite a few people congregate together at once. Thus, parking is especially important when it comes to the construction of your church.

Services tend to be smaller on weekdays, but Sundays especially can see dozens and dozens of vehicles looking for a place to park. Not only that, but many churches also offer a variety of services that require transportation of large groups of people at one time.

Whether it be sports events, public transportation for those without a vehicle, or another type of mass transportation, the use of bigger, heavier vehicles like vans and busses can take a toll on the average parking lot.

In case you’re in charge of church parking lot construction, let’s take a look at the easiest way for you to build a parking lot that lasts a long time without needing much maintenance.

Alternatives to Asphalt and Concrete Are Needed for Church Parking

Alternatives to Asphalt and Concrete Are Needed for Church Parking

Most church parking lots you know of are probably built with either asphalt or concrete. These materials are durable and relatively cost-effective, but they also come with a variety of problems that churches shouldn’t have to deal with. Additional drainage systems are often required for these lots so they don’t flood when it rains. Installation of asphalt and concrete can take weeks to complete as well.

They also tend to break down rather quickly and need to be repaired often, especially when dealing with traffic from heavy vehicles like vans or busses. Both asphalt and concrete need to be resealed every few years and resurfaced at least once per decade. There are also painted lot lines which fade and need to be repainted.

All of these maintenance efforts are costly and can put a burden on churches that are already scarcely funded. There is, however, a much better alternative for building a church parking lot.

TRUEGRID Permeable Pavement is the Go-To Material for Church Parking

TRUEGRID Permeable Pavement is the Go-To Material for Church Parking

For the highest quality, easiest material to build a church parking lot with, the solution is without a doubt, TRUEGRID plastic permeable pavers.

The installation of TRUEGRID PRO and TRUEGRID PRO PLUS pavers is easier than installing almost any other type of pavement that is available.

It starts with a simple excavation of about 12 inches, after which a piece of fabric is laid at the bottom of the pit to prevent gravel from migrating into the soil.

Next, gravel of your choice is poured into the pit and compacted, filling it to the top. The interlocking pavers are snapped into place as easy as LEGO bricks over the top of the pit, and more gravel is poured over the top of them and driven over or compacted into them with a heavy roller. This weighs the pavers down and prevents them from shifting around as vehicles drive on them.

The entire process will typically take less than a day to complete for most church parking lots, and it doesn’t require the use of any complicated machinery. For churches that need a parking lot fast, this is the ideal pavement solution.

100%-permeability of TRUEGRID pavers

Another plus is the 100%-permeability of TRUEGRID pavers. They allow extremely heavy rainfall to drain directly through them and into the soil below. This prevents the need for costly drainage systems and allows the paved area to work in better harmony with nature, lessening the burden on local sewer systems.

For the durability needed to handle regular vehicles and heavy vehicles like busses and vans, TRUEGRID pavers are the solution. These pavers are so durable that even when empty, 80,000 lb gravel trucks can drive on them during construction with no problem to speed construction and reduce costs.

They’re also UV-resistant and unaffected by extreme temperature fluctuations. This resilience will keep them usable for over 60 years with no or minimal maintenance required. TRUEGRID also makes SUPERSPOT markers for lot lines that never need to be repainted.

Another important aspect of TRUEGRID pavers is the fact that they are some of the most eco-friendly paving materials available anywhere. Made from 100%-recycled plastic, they have a net-positive impact on our environment, rather than a net-negative impact like asphalt and concrete.

Give Your Church the Parking Lot it Deserves with TRUEGRID

Whether you need a whole new parking lot installed or you’re just looking to build some overflow parking, TRUEGRID permeable pavers are the perfect choice.Now your flock can attend services without stepping through puddles during rain storms as this system drains instantly at over 1000 inches per hour. They are cost effective, durable, require very little maintenance, eco-friendly, permeable and are available in a variety of styles.

If you’re in need of a new church parking solution, contact TRUEGRID today to get in touch with a pavement specialist for a quote.

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