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Infographic: Comparing Commercial Paving Materials

The ability to hold heavy loads is critical for any commercial paving project. Luckily, there are three commercial paving materials options to choose from when designing your lot: Asphalt, Concrete, and High-Grade Recycled Plastic Pavers filled with gravel or grass. It’s no secret that asphalt is the most widely used paving material, but why is […]

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Project Spotlight: Auto Auction Inventory Lot

In Houston, Texas, the Cox Automotive Group needed a large car and truck inventory lot for auto auctions for commercial dealerships. It had already purchased the land for a 653,400 square foot concrete parking lot, 4 acres of which was to be designated as a detention pond. The plan was to install impervious concrete and […]

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How to Extend a Driveway Without Breaking the Bank

If you’re like many homeowners, you live in a home with a premade driveway, probably built without any input from you, so it might not fit your needs exactly. Maybe you’ve purchased another vehicle; you have someone new living with you, or you have some extra toys that need a place to sit.  For whatever […]

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4 Benefits of Gravel Parking Lot Markers Over Traditional Paint

How do you best utilize a gravel lot?  Without stripes, parking will be inefficient and unorganized. Paint on gravel just does not work, unless you enjoy painting frequently. Of all the benefits of using permeable pavers to build a gravel parking lot, one of the most overlooked is that using parking lot markers to organize […]

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Why Gravel Driveways are the Best Driveways

Up until now, gravel driveway technology has been relatively unevolved. Gravel driveways have been around for ages, and come with a few benefits as well as a plethora of problems. Asphalt and concrete have made better-looking driveways for a long time, however, that’s not the case anymore.  Thanks to companies like TRUEGRID, the gravel driveway […]

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How to Pave Your Own Parking Lot Without a Permit

As a commercial business, you need a parking lot for a few reasons. Not only does a parking lot give your employees, customers, and visitors a place to comfortably park their vehicles, it adds an element of professionalism to your building as well. However, most parking lots require a permit to build. If you’re a […]

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Never Waste Time or Money on Gravel Lot Maintenance Again

If you were to take a tour of every parking lot in America, you’d find that while most of them are made from concrete or asphalt, there is a very large portion of parking lots built from gravel.  Gravel lots serve a very important purpose, mostly that they are the cheapest parking solution you’ll find […]

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How to Prevent Gravel Parking Lot Failure with Grid Gravel Stabilizers

Gravel parking lots aren’t the most common type of parking lot you’ll find adjacent to most businesses, but they are practical in some scenarios. Gravel parking lots are typically cheaper than asphalt or concrete parking lots, making them a popular choice for smaller businesses or temporary parking solutions.  One of the biggest drawbacks of using […]

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Parking Lot Maintenance: Choosing the Best, Easy Way to Maintain Solution

When it comes to choosing what kind of parking lot you want for your business, one of the biggest things you have to consider is how much maintenance you’re willing to do. Certain materials require more maintenance than others, and depending on how much traffic you get, what the weather is like, and a variety […]

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A Quick Guide to Gravel Parking Lot Construction

There are many reasons why you might want to install a gravel parking lot for your business. It might be a temporary fix, a way to cut costs, or a precursor to a paved asphalt or concrete parking lot, but there are a few things you need to consider before you install a gravel parking […]

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