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7 Ways Permeable Pavers Can Save You Money

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7 Ways Permeable Pavers Can Save You Money

Large detention pond eliminated by installing TRUEGRID Permeable Pavers.
Site plan of a large detention pond eliminated by installing TRUEGRID Permeable Pavers in designated areas.

TRUEGRID Permeable Pavers not only combat flooding but, by replacing your detention pond, can also be a great way to save money. Permeable paving is a key tool of Low Impact Development design and is encouraged by cities coast-to-coast. Here’s a few ways to save with TRUEGRID.

  1. Eliminate or reduce your detention pond
    Constructing a detention pond can easily cost between $5 to $10 per CF installed, often a six-figure expense in new construction. Eliminate or reduce the size of your pond by putting detention in the rock sub-base of your TRUEGRID lot and eliminate this expense.
  2. TRUEGRID counts as 100% pervious cover
    Your TRUEGRID paving is typically coded as 100% pervious cover, thus not counting toward the increase in imperviousness on your developed property.
  3. Save land and utilize valuable real estate
    Land that would be designated for a detention pond can now be added to the business, potentially generating more revenue, or it could be sold off as excess land.
  4. TRUEGRID costs less than concrete 
    A typical gravel or grass filled TRUEGRID paving installation costs 20% less than concrete on apples-to-apples installation costs. This may vary up or down depending on site size and location.
  5. Lower maintenance costs
    Asphalt, concrete or gravel-only lots require upkeep, pothole repair, resurfacing and restriping. And detention ponds require regular sediment and trash removal, mowing, slope stabilization, drainage clearance and pump repair. In contrast, TRUEGRID lots are virtually maintenance free.
  6. Your entire TRUEGRID lot is now a FRENCH drain
    In traditional hardscape design, stormwater is directed to inlets tied to pipes to absorb rainfall and move stormwater. With a TRUEGRID installation your entire lot becomes a French drain with higher drainage capacity and, in most cases, eliminates the added drainage elements.
  7. Save on stormwater fees and taxes
    Your TRUEGRID area is coded as 100% pervious so NO STORMWATER TAX!! This can means thousands of dollars in savings for your business. (discover if you’re being taxed for impervious surface here)

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TRUEGRID Permeable Pavers also offers an AIA CEU accredited Lunch & Learn.
The L&L educates on leading-edge commercial permeable paving and Low Impact stormwater management.

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