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Why TRUEGRID is a Great Choice for Your RV Parking

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If you’ve ever owned an RV, you know that having a dedicated parking space is preferable to parking it on the street or in your driveway. RVs are generally too big to fit in a garage and heavy enough to leave indentations and tracks in your yard. 

Of course, you might be the owner of a self-storage company looking to add some specialized parking for RV owners or even the owner of an RV park looking for the best material with which to build an RV parking lot and roadways in your park. In any such scenario, there’s one type of pavement material that stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to RV parking. 

In case you need parking space for one or more RVs, let’s look at TRUEGRID permeable pavers and why they are the superior option.

Lightning-Fast Installation Time

Because the materials needed to build RV parking with TRUEGRID pavers are pre-made, the installation process is incredibly simple. If you are dealing with an undeveloped plot of land that may or may not need stormwater detention, simply excavate to the needed depth, fill with clean angular gravel for detention, and compact. If your lot or roadways are gravel and simply need stabilization to eliminate maintenance, the TRUEGRID option is absolutely the least expensive and easiest option. Simply level and compact gravel, lay the grid on top, and fill with gravel for maintenance free pavement that will last 60 years at a low investment cost. If drainage and detention is needed,  lay the interlocking pavers on top of the gravel and fill them with more gravel, running a compactor over the surface to press the gravel into the pavers. This gives you 100% land use while providing a naturally attractive aesthetic and a strong, cool surface. 

Installation time is fast and the permeable pavement meets previous cover and stormwater codes. No added detention areas are required in most cases and 100% land use is possible.

If you’re an RV-park owner looking to stabilize an existing, unstabilized gravel lot, the process is equally as simple. Simply scrape back the existing gravel, roll to level the subgrade, lay a fabric as a barrier between the lot and the subgrade, lay down the TRUEGRID plastic pavers, fill them with gravel, and compact the gravel into the pavers.  This is the fastest, most inexpensive way to stabilize a gravel lot and increase its longevity while nearly eliminating its maintenance requirements. 

For residential owners, the installation process is so simple it can even be done as a DIY project, completed in less than a day as with most TRUEGRID installations. If you’re building a gravel parking space for your RV, the process is identical to both of the above-mentioned processes, depending on whether or not you want stormwater detention. 

However, you can also use TRUEGRID ROOT pavers to stabilize a grass parking space for your RV. You simply  lay them down and compact them into the grass. The grass will come up through the pavers, which will be nearly invisible to the naked eye, depending on the length of the grass. This is great for creating a hidden parking space.


The cost of installing TRUEGRID pavers is less than that of concrete and competitive with asphalt. With TRUEGRID pavers, a commercial lot will generally cost around $5–$7 per square foot turnkey.  Not only is the material cost lower than for most paving materials, but you’ll also save money on installation and long-term maintenance. 100% land use, no maintenance.


If the first two reasons weren’t enough to convince you, TRUEGRID pavers are also much better for the environment than asphalt or concrete. They are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, so they have a net-positive impact on the environment. 

They are also 100% permeable, meaning they absorb water for infiltration into the soil at over 1000 inches per hour with no runoff. No flooding, no ponding or pooling and no maintenance. Functionally and aesthetically in perfect harmony with Mother Nature, allowing stormwater to pass directly through and be filtered down to the water table, as it should. 

TRUEGRID Pavers are the Perfect Parking Solution

When it comes to parking RVs, you need a heavy-duty solution that won’t break down over time or require maintenance. TRUEGRID plastic pavers not only possess this durability but are also cost-effective, quick to install, and great for the environment. In addition, they offer stylistic variety in the form of multiple colored aggregates and hidden grass parking spaces.

When you take all these factors into account, it’s hard to see why anybody in need of RV parking would choose a paving material other than TRUEGRID permeable pavers. They’re cheap, super-durable, environmentally-friendly, stylish, and versatile enough to handle residential, commercial, or industrial RV parking needs. 

Contact TRUEGRID today for more details on a superior RV parking solution.

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