Porous Pavers. What are porous pavers & how are they used? TRUEGRID
World's strongest permeable paver - grass or gravel filled for natural appearance

Grass Pavers - Manufacturer direct cost savings.COST

  • Comes in manufacturer-direct price. Made in USA.
  • 100 % land utilization - storm water detention in sub-base
  • Eliminates costly storm drain construction and soil stabilization


  • World's strongest permeable paver - grass or gravel filled for natural appearance
  • Exceeds 6880 psi when TRUEGRID is empty. Load capacity increases significantly when filled.
  • A permanent solution for heavy traffic applications such as equipment yards, parking lots, truck stops, driveways, trails, access roads and more.

TRUEGRID permeable grass pvars drecrease the impact of flooding.STORM

  • 98% Permeable
  • Decreases the impact of flooding
  • Storm Water Detention underneath your surface


For providing exceptional environmental benefit, TRUEGRID porous pavers are beyond compare. Our pavers help prevent flooding or pooling of storm water, unlike concrete or asphalt. TRUEGRID pavers can be filled with grass or gravel for a stabilized parking surface while our patented design has flex joints that keep the grid surface from cracking or forming potholes found in concrete and asphalt installations. Our TRUEGRID paver surface dissipates heat and stays cool, unlike concrete and asphalt which raise local temperatures dramatically, contributing to the heat island effect. Using gravel or grass for a natural appearance, our TRUEGRID pervious pavers provide significantly higher compressive strengths and won’t become malleable in the heat like hot asphalt will. While conventional asphalt and concrete paved surfaces create storm water runoff that contributes to water pollution, the TRUEGRID system allows for bioremediation in its design allowing water to pass through the permeable surface and the aggregate sub-base to the earth below, cleaning pollutants naturally in the process. Additionally, our TRUEGRID paver installation is always a lower cost than concrete installations and is very competitive with asphalt, especially when more drainage is necessary. For more information on how you can use TRUEGRID in your project, please feel free to contact our experts at the number above.

Image of vehicle parked on grass pavers.
The advantages of grass pavers.


With 98% porosity providing fast storm water drainage, TRUEGRID pavers help prevent runoff as rainwater passes through the paver grid and aggregate that fills it into the voids in the sub-base. Our sub-base design typically consists of 4-6″ of #57 angular rock, recycled road base or crushed granite, with a sandy loam mix for grass installations. This sub-base in addition to the 2“ deep grid with fill material provides a large retention area that stores and then slowly releases water naturally without producing runoff.Our TRUEGRID parking lots, roadways or developments that are properly designed often have less runoff after the grid system is installed than it did before the installation. If you’d like more information on TRUEGRID’s green properties, click on the Environment tab above.


Our TRUEGRID permeable pavement has an exceptional tolerance for abuse, with a compression strength of over 6800 psi before they’re even filled! This means gravel-filled trucks can be driven on the unfilled grid top to spread rock during the construction process. Our TRUEGRID pavers used in a lot has an expected lifespan of up to 25 to 20 years depending on your traffic type and volume. TRUEGRID is the world’s toughest permeable paver. Compared to any interlocking porous paver system on the market, rock filled TRUEGRID has the highest compression strength and durability. Unlike concrete or asphalt paving systems, TRUEGRID won’t crack or develop potholes when installed correctly. For further information on our specifications and technical drawings of our installations, please click on the Engineers & Architects tab above

Grass paver installation questions.


Super easy to install! Love the results! I will send photos!

Gregg M, New Orleans DIY’er

We were worried about using asphalt for this truck lot in the hot South Texas sun. The grid replaced 8” asphalt, the truckers like it because it’s cool and it’s easier on their tires. The client saved 6 figures and we won the bid

Joe A, Owner /Paving contractor

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Parkway Bakery - Permeable Paver Installation
The originator of the Poor Boy sandwich, owner Jay Nix, chooses TRUEGRID to pave his new parking lot at the famous Parkway Bakery and Tavern.