Permeable Pavement
World's strongest permeable paver - grass or gravel filled for natural appearance

Grass Pavers - Manufacturer direct cost savings.COST

  • 100 % land utilization - storm water detention in sub-base
  • Eliminates costly storm drain construction and soil stabilization
  • Comes in manufacturer-direct price. Made in USA.


  • World's strongest permeable paver - grass or gravel filled for natural appearance
  • Exceeds 6880 psi when TRUEGRID is empty. Load capacity increases significantly when filled.
  • A permanent solution for heavy traffic applications such as equipment yards, parking lots, truck stops, driveways, trails, access roads and more.

TRUEGRID permeable grass pvars drecrease the impact of flooding.STORM

  • 98% Permeable
  • Decreases the impact of flooding
  • Storm Water Detention underneath your surface


Unlike conventional or even porous asphalt or concrete pavement, TRUEGRID permeable pavement 90% permable. TRUEGRID is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyolefin plastic, a strong material capable of heavy loads and traffic. TRUEGRID brand pavers, with a circular cell structured geometric design, can support over 6800 psi before rock fill which makes it stronger still. The grid allows for the use of gravel and rock as fill, creating larger pores and a faster drainage rate than porous asphalt or concrete pavement. This feature allows storm water to drain naturally through the permeable surface into the porous sub-base below and back through the ground into the water supply. This creates a more environmentally friendly footprint by preventing flooding and erosion, allowing storm water to sink through into the earth instead of running off, helping create the opportunity for bioremediation to remove pollutants before it enters natural aquifers, streams, ponds and ground water systems. Click our Environment tab for more information on how our paving system helps our planet!

Image of vehicle parked on grass pavers.
The advantages of grass pavers.


Our pervious pavers require no maintenance, unlike porous asphalt and concrete which must be cleaned and maintained regularly. This is due to the much smaller pore size in porous asphalt and concrete. Because of the difference in pore size, TRUEGRID pavers have a much faster drainage capacity, leaving your area dry and comfortable for customers, employees and other visitors, while having greater water storage capacity which allows the water to be retained /detained preventing flooding and runoff. The stormwater soaks into the earth more slowly, preventing runoff from even strong rainstorms. Have you ever had to cross a parking lot on a hot day? Larger pore space as well as the void space or air between the aggregate in our TRUEGRID pavers helps dissipate heat more quickly, keeping the area cooler and more comfortable than porous asphalt and concrete. Concrete pavements, porous or standard, absorb rather than dissipate the heat, making them stay hotter for longer periods of time. This translates to a much cooler surface and environment with TRUEGRID pavers and a greatly reduced heat island effect. We’d be happy to tell you more about our permeable pavers; just contact us through the form above for more details!


How does no maintenance cost sound? With a 40-year life cycle, our TRUEGRID permeable pavers require virtually no maintenance! That means no cleaning or maintenance costs, which equals a better bottom line. This is very different from porous asphalt or concrete pavement which may require patching and frequent cleanings to continue effectively allowing storm water to permeate through to the earth. Our TRUEGRID permeable pavers remain porous their entire 25 to 60 year lifespan without cleaning, as sediment naturally washes away without needing to be vacuumed or cleaned as asphalt or concrete porous pavers require. Give us a call at the above number to talk to one of our experts about how permeable pavers will save you not only in the future, but 1/2 to 1/3 of your installation cost versus concrete!

Grass paver installation questions.


Our trucks and equipment don’t get stuck anymore when it rains. The grid keeps us working.

David B, Facilities Manager/Oil & Gas Field Services

Good-bye muddy parking lot. HelloTruegrid! Love this no-mess solution!

Rebecca N, Manager/Festival Grounds

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