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The Best Paver Options for Simplified Snow Removal

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If snow is a regular occurrence in your driveway or parking lot, you probably know all too well the danger it poses. Snow isn’t just an inconvenience, it can lead to accidents and injuries as well. That’s why everyone has some type of method for removing snow from their driveways and parking lots during the winter, with many options available to choose from.

Paver Driveway and Snow Removal

Most will simply use a snow shovel, a snowplow, and/or de-icing salt on their paved areas to remove the snow, but implementing pavers is another way to boost your snow mitigation abilities as well. Asphalt and concrete are the most common materials for building pavement, but they are both vulnerable to cold and snow, and can break down quickly and let moisture rest on the surface as opposed to draining it.

Permeable pavers are the single best pavement option for mitigating snow and ice, so in case you’re building a driveway, parking lot, or other paved area in a location with plenty of snow, here are the best paver options for snow removal.

What Makes Pavers Better for Snow Removal?

Permeable pavers, specifically, are best suited for snow removal because of their permeability. They do not allow water to rest on the surface and freeze into ice, but instead, will let it drain into the soil below, before it has a chance to freeze.

What Makes Pavers Better for Snow Removal?

Because of this, permeable pavers like the kind made by TRUEGRID, for example, have a slightly higher temperature inside their surface, which can facilitate faster drainage and easier paver snow removal as a result. This means you’ll generally see less snow buildup on your grass paver / porous pavers than you would if it was made out of asphalt or concrete. It is one of the reasons why the snow removal on paver reviews are excellent for TRUEGRID pavers.

Permeable pavers like TRUEGRID PRO LITE and TRUEGRID PRO PLUS are also better in cold weather because they’re made from HDPE and have UV inhibitors as well. This means that TRUEGRID pavers perform exceptionally in cold weather, since they’re essentially impervious to freeze/thaw cycles as well as sub-zero temperatures. Unlike asphalt and concrete, they do not become more brittle or fragile in cold weather.

Snow Removal Options for Permeable Pavement

When it comes to what can be used for snow on pavers driveways, the answer is anything you would use on an asphalt or concrete driveway. Shovels, snowblowers, and snowplows can all be effectively used when dealing with a paver driveway and snow removal.

Snow Removal Options for Permeable Pavement

Just like with other materials, you want to be careful not to scrape the actual pavement itself with a shovel or other snow removal tool, but pavers are no more difficult to shovel or plow than asphalt or concrete. You simply want to set the plow or shovel to about 2 inches above the ground so that you don’t catch the edge of a paver and accidentally pull it up or break it.

The good news, though, is that even if you manage to damage a TRUEGRID paver, the replacement process can be completed in minutes. In fact, there is significantly less risk involved in TRUEGRID permeable paver driveway snow removal than there is with other materials because you’d only have to swap out a damaged paver grid for a fresh one. With asphalt or concrete, the process of repairing damaged pavement is much more costly and time-consuming.

TRUEGRID Makes for Incredibly Easy Snow Removal

TRUEGRID pavers are so effective at mitigating snow that you can even build an entire commercial parking lot out of them and still expect your pavement snow removal duties to be easier than if you had an asphalt or concrete lot.

TRUEGRID Makes for Incredibly Easy Snow Removal

This means that snow removal for paver driveways and snow removal for paver parking lots can be handled with minimal effort on your part. This is great for commercial parking lots, especially, because you don’t have to worry about providing additional lot drainage for the snow once it melts and turns into water.

Put an End to Your Snow Removal Worries with Permeable Pavers

TRUEGRID isn’t just good at making snow removal easier, it’s also way faster to install than concrete or asphalt. This means you can achieve superior snow removal capabilities in as little as one day for driveways and only a handful of days for bigger projects, like commercial parking lots.

Put an End to Your Snow Removal Worries with Permeable Pavers

If your main goal is to make life easier on yourself by lessening the amount of work you have to do in the winter when it comes to snow removal, TRUEGRID permeable pavers are the right choice for you. If you want a paver option for driveway snow removal that’s easy to maintain, provides high visibility in snowy conditions, and requires very little maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at TRUEGRID today.

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