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The Best Materials for Golf Cart Path Paving

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There’s nothing better than spending a day on the golf course. That’s probably why so many new golfers are gravitating toward the sport of golf as they look for new ways to enjoy outdoor activities.

Golf Cart Path Paving

Indeed, the fresh air, camaraderie, and friendly competition that 18 holes provide is truly one-of-a-kind, but if you want to play all 18 holes, you need a golf cart path you can get around on. Golf cart paths come in all shapes and sizes and they’re vital to traversing the entire course with all your gear.

Many golf courses use dirt, asphalt, concrete, and other materials to build their golf cart paths, and there are pros and cons to each. One material, however, stands above the rest when it comes to paving golf cart paths. In case you’re looking to pave a golf cart path, let’s take a look at the best material you can use.

Why Do Golf Cart Paths Need Better Pavement?

It goes without saying that the better your golf cart path looks, the better your course looks, overall. The paths themselves wind and twist throughout the entire course, so having paths that look good is vital to completing the full aesthetic.

You also need golf course cart path paving materials that can handle stormwater with ease. Flooding is a major issue that you don’t want on your courses and with the way so many courses are laid out, there are bound to be low points where water pools. What you don’t want is water running off of your golf cart paths and into these pools, because it will take them longer to drain and dry.

If you want golf cart paths that will drain stormwater without any problems, you need permeable pavement. Permeable plastic pavers can achieve up to 98% permeability and can effortlessly drain even the heaviest of rains.

What Makes Permeable Pavers the Best Choice for Golf Cart Paths?

The durability, longevity, permeability, eco-friendliness, and ease of maintenance make permeable pavers the number one choice for cart path paving for a golf course, hands down. TRUEGRID, for example, makes their permeable pavers from 100%-recycled plastic.

What Makes Permeable Pavers the Best Choice for Golf Cart Paths?

This allows the pavers to be incredibly durable and resilient while also being eco-friendly. In fact, TRUEGRID permeable pavers are even able to withstand the weight of a monster truck jumping off a ramp and landing on them without breaking. That’s before they’ve even been filled with gravel.

TRUEGRID pavers are 100%-permeable, meaning they outperform many other permeable options when it comes to permeability. This means you’ll be able to mitigate flooding more effectively than if you had impermeable pavement, or no golf cart paving at all.

TRUEGRID Pavers are the Best Choice for Any Golf Course

TRUEGRID PRO LITE or TRUEGRID PRO PLUS pavers are the perfect choice for any golf course cart path. Combined with gravel, they work to create a stable, level surface for driving and walking. The gravel is never displaced out of the pavers, and the pavers never shift or move.

TRUEGRID Pavers are the Best Choice for Any Golf Course

The installation process for these pavers is incredibly simple as well. It can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take you to lay many other types of pavement. First, the cart path is excavated to a depth of about 5 inches, at which point a piece of fabric is laid at the bottom to prevent the migration of gravel.

Next, the excavated area is filled with washed angular stonel and compacted until level. Afterward, the TRUEGRID pavers are snapped into place over the top of the base stone as easily as LEGO blocks. Then, you simply infill the TRUEGRID with the aggregate of your choice.

Truegrid Root Pavers

If you want to keep your course gravel-free, you could opt for TRUEGRID ROOT pavers instead. They are made from recycled plastic as well, but are designed to be pressed right into grassy areas, turning them into walkable, drivable areas without disturbing the grass at all.

All you have to do to install TRUEGRID ROOT is roll the pavers out and drive over them. The grass will continue growing up through the pavers and you can cut it as short as you want for visibility.

Upgrade Your Golf Course Cart Paths with TRUEGRID

Maintaining a golf course is hard work, so why make it harder on yourself by using anything other than TRUEGRID permeable pavers for golf cart paving? There is almost no maintenance required throughout their 60-year lifespan, and TRUEGRID pavers are the perfect choice if you want to implement style, durability, versatility, and expert drainage capabilities into your golf course cart paths.

If you’re looking to pave your cart paths and you want the highest-quality permeable pavement out there, don’t hesitate to contact TRUEGRID today for a free quote.

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